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    The Best Metal Roofing Contractors in Georgia and South Carolina

    Metal Roofing is now becoming a popular upgrade for homeowners looking for a permanent roofing system on their home or building.  Standing seam metal roofing offers many benefits to the consumer such as potential energy savings, an enhanced appearance, it’s low maintenance and withstands almost everything mother nature can throw at it.  If your roof needs to be replaced and you plan on living in your home for another 10+ years or even handing it down to family members, then a standing seam metal roof is exactly what you need.

    South Shore Roofing is a specialist roofing contractor based out of Statesboro, Georgia.  We specialize in the installation of standing seam metal roofing in either a 24 or 26 ga thickness and in a variety of different colors.  From installing a metal roof on your barn to a new commercial construction project our roofing team can provide a high quality installation that will qualify for the manufacturers full warranty.

    Metal Roofing Options

    We sell and install a variety of different metal roofing products in varying gauge (thickness) and colors depending on your budget and application.  It’s generally best for a site visit so we can see and inspect your roof to get a better idea of the scope of your specific project.  Every roof is different and there are many different things that can affect the cost and feasibility of your project.

    We specialize in the installation of “standing seam” metal roofing.  The panels are fastened together within the raised seems which gives your roof a nicer appearance as you don’t see any fasteners.

    Why Should You Install a Metal Roof on Your Georgia Home ?

    If you’re going to live in your home another few years and then sell it, a metal roof would probably not be the best investment for you.  However, if you own a home that you plan on living in for a very long time or possibly handing down through your family then your home is a perfect candidate for a metal roof.

    Asphalt shingles (the most common roofing material) usually last somewhere between 10-20 years and can fail much earlier due to poor installations or severe weather or a disaster.  This means if a homeowner lives in their home for 30 years or so, they can expect to replace their asphalt shingle roof at least twice, possibly even three times over the course of living there.

    With a properly installed metal roof you’d only have to do it once and that would be your initial installation.  Over a few decades the exterior coating on the metal might break down and your roof can simply be re-coated without much hassle.  It will be much cheaper than replacing your roof again.

    Here Are Some More Reasons

    • Impervious to pest and rodent damage.
    • Withstands damage from hail and severe weather.
    • Very low maintenance and no staining from algae or mold.
    • Energy savings with cool rated finishes.

    Why Choose South Shore Roofing For Metal Roofing ?

    When you choose to work with South Shore Roofing for your metal roofing installation project you’re taking on a valued partner with a vested interest in your home or building.  Our business grows through the fantastic work we do for our clients and their friends through word-of-mouth.  We only get referrals when we do great work! So you can be sure you’re hiring a team of professionals who all share the common goal of installing your new metal roof the most effective and affordable way.

    South Shore Roofing is a full service roofing company based out of Statesboro, Ga and serving most of South Georgia: Savannah, Statesboro, Pembroke, Guyton, Claxton, Brooklet, Millen, Reidsville, Vidalia, Rincon, Hinesville, Tybee Island, Brunswick, Richmond Hill, Pooler. For more details check out our complete list of locations in South Georgia.

    You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your new roof installation will come with a manufacturers full warranty along with a warranty for our workmanship depending on the project and materials chosen.

    If you’d like to receive an estimate for residential roofing services in the Statesboro, Savannah or South Georgia area home please call (912) 335-0400 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.

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