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What you need to know before installing a metal roof

Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect roof that suits your every need.
One of the best options that are currently available for residential roofing is most definitely metal roofing. Combining the best for the modern day man, a metal roof offers an eco-friendly solution.

Benefits of metal roofing systems

With innovations coming every day, the metal roofing system is perfected on a daily basis. Compared to a normal roof, metal roofing can add another 50 years to your roof, making it one of the best choices.
In addition to that, since they are made of a high percentage of recycled material, in case one day you wish to replace your roof, you can rest assured it will be 100% recycled.
Also, the main benefit of installing a metal roof is the reduced energy cost. The properties of metal do not allow it to get as hot as asphalt shingles, which consequently results in reflecting heat from the building underneath. Because of the extra space between the plywood base and the metal sitting on top, its insulating abilities increase and can lead to reduced energy costs. Talking in numbers, there is a chance your energy costs will be reduced up to 40% in the summer and up to 15% in the winter.
Speaking on a larger scale, metal roofing can significantly reduce the urban heat island effect. That way, you can boldly claim that you are indeed making a difference.

Materials used in metal roofing

The most popular choices when it comes to metal roofing systems are steel and aluminum. In addition to that, some of the other materials used are zinc, copper, and titanium.
Originally, all metal roofing was made of corrugated galvanized steel. Today, steel is still commonly used because it is considered to be a light-weight material, perfect for residential roofing. To go that extra mile, you can add a special coating to further protect it.
Aluminum is the next best choice. Although mostly similar to steel roofing, it provides almost the same result without applying that final layer of coating.
Copper is commonly used mostly because it offers significant corrosion resistance. It is generally a low maintenance material that can also shield you from emitting radio frequencies.
Coatings are used to prevent rust or to reflect heat. Materials most commonly used are epoxy and ceramic.

Types of metal roofs

In this age of abundant choices, metal roofing is not an exception. There are a lot of types of metal roofing available to sustain any weather.
First of all, vertical seam panels are the most popular choice. Made of either steel, aluminum or zinc they are usually found in the shape of long panels that may have ribs along the ridge of the roof. To provide extra safety, a special screw was designed especially for metal roofs. The most popular type in the US is the 5-V type.
Second, of all, modular press-formed panels are also another option. They usually consist of standard panels that can be made of steel, aluminum or copper. Their appearance resembles that of a wood shake. Besides, they can be embedded with stone granules for extra support. If you have any further questions about metal roofing don’t hestitate to give your number one roofing contractor  from Savannah, Georgia South Shore Roofinga call!

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