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    Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialists in Georgia and South Carolina

    We repair roofing systems after storm damage.

    Storm Damage to your home or building can happen at anytime.  A sudden wind storm can bring a tree or large branch down, a hail storm can take years out of your roofing material and wind driven rain can help nature quickly discover any of the areas of your roof or siding that weren’t completed or flashed properly.  There is no question that really bad weather can cause severe damage to your property and when it occurs you just want it to be repaired properly.

    South Shore Roofing is a full service storm damage repair contractor specializing in the replacement and repair of roofing after it’s suffered damage at the hand of mother nature.  We have a great deal of experience working directly with insurance and mortgage companies throughout the rebuilding and repair process.  We are well versed in the mountain of paperwork that comes along with storm damage repair projects that are going through the insurance process.  We can help you navigate this maze quickly, so you can get your home back into the condition it was prior to the damage claim.

    Fallen Tree Damage – Severe windstorms can occasionally bring trees down around your property and sometimes the tree can do significant damage to your home or another building on your property.  The South Shore Roofing team can respond quickly if a tree has fallen on your home or building.  It is important to look through your insurance coverage so you can determine what exactly is going to be covered.  Every insurer is slightly different and we can help you with this process.

    Roof Repair From Hail or Storm Damage – Hail and Severe Rain take it’s toll on a roof system and can drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof. If you think your roof may have been damaged in a recent storm you need to contact professionals immediately.  Hail damage on roofing material takes a trained eye, and cannot necessarily be seen from the ground.  South Shore Roofing can quickly locate and repair damaged areas on your roof.  Your insurance coverage will vary depending on carrier and how the damage actually occurred.  We can help you with this process.

    Wind Damaged Roofing and Siding – If severe wind has damaged your roofing and/or siding then it’s going to need attention immediately to help protect the structural integrity of your home, your family and all of your belongings.  If wind has caused extensive damage to your home or building we can respond quickly to help minimize damage to your structure.

    Why Choose South Shore Roofing For Storm Damage Repairs ?

    When you choose to work with South Shore Roofing for your storm damage repair project you’re taking on a valued partner with a vested interest in your home or building.  Our business grows through the fantastic work we do for our clients and their friends through word-of-mouth.  We only get referrals when we do great work! So you can be sure you’re hiring a team of professionals who all share the common goal of repairing your roof the most effective and affordable way.

    South Shore Roofing is a full service roofing company based out of Statesboro, Ga and serving most of South Georgia: Savannah, Statesboro, Pembroke, Guyton, Claxton, Brooklet, Rincon, Hinesville, Tybee Island, Brunswick, Richmond Hill, Pooler. For more details check out our complete list of locations in South Georgia.

    You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your new roof installation will come with a manufacturers full warranty along with a warranty for our workmanship depending on the project and materials chosen.

    If you’d like to receive an estimate for residential roofing services in the Statesboro, Savannah or South Georgia area home please call (912) 335-0400 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.

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