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What Happens During a Roof Installation_

No matter how well you take care of your roof, it will need to be replaced at some point. And when the time comes, planning and preparing for a roof replacement can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to expect.

So in order to relieve any stress and ensure a smooth roof replacement, it is best to get familiar with the main steps of the process. 

We’ve prepared a helpful guide for you, so read on and find out what a roof replacement process involves!

What Happens Before Installation

This is the time for a roof inspection and installation planning. Every house and the structure of its current roof is different. This means that your roofers must first check the current roof, attic, and the supporting structure.

The supporting structure must be able to handle the weight of the new roof, so your roofers will advise you on what materials to use for your roof. If any problems are noticed during the inspection, they will fix them before installing the new roof. At this stage, you will also find out what the estimated cost of the installation will be.

Once all of this is determined, your roofer will schedule with you the installation start date. You can expect to be called by your personal project manager, who will explain the entire process, schedule the project, get to know you more, and ask you how you want things done. Usually, you don’t need to be home during the installation, but it would be nice if you were around when the work begins.

You also don’t have to worry about building codes or regulations because, at this stage, the company will have already taken care of any necessary building permits.

What Happens During Installation

Once everything is planned out, your installation team and project manager, along with top-of-the-line materials, will be coming to you on the scheduled date of arrival. The process of installing a new roof will take place in 10 main steps:

  1. The roof replacement work begins with the removal and proper disposal of the entire old roof system.
  2. Next, the wood decking is replaced. Any soft, wet, or rotted wood will be replaced, and the roofers will make sure the base for your roofing structure is solid.
  3. A top-quality water-resistant synthetic roofing underlayment is placed next, on top of the decking.
  4. Corrosion-protected drip edge is installed.
  5. On all valleys, transitions, walls, vents, penetrations, and pipe areas, a waterproof WeatherMaster shield is installed.
  6. Following the shield, starter shingle strips are installed for additional protection around your roof perimeter.
  7. Now comes the most important and largest part of the roof – shingles. We usually recommend and install 50-year streak-proof Architectural Pristine Shingles.
  8. After that, replacement wall flashings with high-grade metal are installed.
  9. Replacement galvanized metal vents and pipe flashings are installed.
  10. And finally, VentSure ridge vents with ridge caps for ventilation are installed.

All these products must be installed by experienced and professional roofing contractors who follow the highest industry standards, all of the manufacturer’s specifications, and building codes so that your lifetime warranty is valid and guaranteed to keep your home and family protected.

Bear in mind that the materials used for your home might slightly differ from the ones mentioned above depending on your home and current roof structure. However, the process itself will be the same.

What Happens After Installation

First, the roofing team will clean your property of all nails and debris. Then a strict and detailed final inspection will be performed. Your roofer will show you everything that has been done, which also allows you to see if everything has been done according to plan.

You will then receive your product and company workmanship warranties from the office, so you have peace of mind knowing you made the best decision. The company will be happy to discuss the guarantees with you and answer all your questions about your new roof, so don’t be afraid to ask them. A professional roofing company wants you to understand what you are getting and how to best maintain your roof for many years to come.

Schedule Your Roof Installation

Roof replacement is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add value to your home. By partnering with an experienced roofing company, you can be sure that the new roof will serve you for many decades.

And now that you know what to expect when replacing your roof and what steps will be taken, feel free to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate with our experienced roof replacement contractors.

Get in touch with South Shore Roofing to schedule an estimate today. With decades of experience, we will make sure your new roof is installed properly and quickly!

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