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What is new in roofing industry?

There are many technological advances, but normally people think that there are few in the roofing industry. The technological advances in roofing are making more durable roofs and its materials that can withstand many elements, like heat and water and also saves energy, which is very important. Here are some facts about the new roofing technologies which can be a great choice for your roofing system.


Today everyone tries to be eco-friendly. And this also has an impact in the roofing industry which has led to very interesting new ideas for the roofing systems. Vegetated roofing systems are very often made on the universities and factories, and are also available for your roofing system. There are special seeded packs which you put on the roof. Solar panels are also a big development. Maybe some of them may look ugly, but they absorb sunlight and reduce your energy bills. New metal roofs also represent the on of the roofing advances. They are extremely durable, they can save water when raining and easy to recycle which is very eco-friendly.


There are many options available like the fireproof coating. It increases the protection from fires, for example, the wooden roofing systems. There are many roofs that don’t need this kind of protection, but metal roofs can escalate a fire, so the best is to contact a professional for any quires.


Newer flat roofing systems are made of PCV or TPO membranes, and show good waterproof results, also for the durability. Some types are being still developing, while the other ones are already made and can hold away damages caused by winds, hail, and rain.


Cooling systems can be applied in many ways. The most common one is the reflective coating of the material that allows the roofing system to reflect more sun heat back into the natural environment. This is the opposite of the absorbing. Absorbing the sunlight together with a poor ventilation can lead to many problems and repairs. A cool roof is the roof with a lighter color and is naturally reflective. This technology is an energy saver.


Green roof is a roof that encompasses many aspects of energy efficiency. Garden roofing systems and solar shingles are in the second category of the green roofing and have become very popular with time.


Insulation has improved with time and mostly is made of fiber, glass, and polymeric materials. Fibrous products are very tight and are excellent for insulation. The polymeric materials can be applied thickly and leave no gaps.


Flat roofs were a pain for many homeowners for years. Today, there are new materials for flat roofing that are taking away all the previous flat roofing problems like limited lifespan, easy damages made by sun or rain. The rubber membrane is a very durable material which is used now for the roofing. The material has many great features like its lightweight. Other flat options are fiberglass which can prolong the life of your roof for 30 years and comes in many types of textures and colors. This material is versatile, waterproof, safe and easy to install. South Shore Roofing, the best general contractor in Statesboro, GA is implementing all the new technology.


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