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Green roofing options for residential roofing

Terminology can become a problem when talking about the structural elements of a green roof. Close your eyes and try to picture a green roof. You are probably thinking about roofing systems similar to the hanging gardens of Babylon, a roof upon which someone has nurtured and planted lots of living plants. That kind of green roofing system is not a cool roof. If you want your roof to be eco-friendly, it needs to be a cool roof. Roofs are some of the greatest producers of the greenhouse effect. Most roofing materials will reflect heat and light right back into the atmosphere and in the major cities, this can lead to heat islands. In addition to all that, if your roofing material has poor insulation properties, this means that you will most likely have higher air condition usage which means, even more, environmental issues. Today we will talk about most common green roofing options.


I believe most of you are already familiar with clay tiles as a roofing solution. This is a roofing system which can last up to century, so if you are looking for a roofing material for a lifetime, clay tiles might be perfect material for you. Clay tiles are green materials because they are made out of natural ingredients, their curved shape helps your attic ventilation. They come in various colors which means that they can reflect small amounts of heat back to the atmosphere.

Shakes and Shingles

These roofing materials don’t need an introduction. Shakes and shingles are the most popular material in the United States. Shakes and shingles are not cool materials, but if they are engineered in a right way, they can be pretty efficient. Next time when you decide to replace your old shingle roofing system with a new one, go for a high-quality shingle roof. While initial price might be somewhat higher, you will have that money back in no time by lowering your utility bills.


These paving tiles designed primarily for roofing systems are thick, and they can reflect a minimum of 80% damaging UV rays. In addition, they have the same features as traditional roof tiles. Keep in mind that this roofing system can be extremely heavy so your roofing support structure needs to be strong enough to carry their weight.

Green Roof

Seal your roof, spread some soil, place some planters, plant some plants of your choice and you have a green, living roofing system. The concept is ideal, but installation and maintenance costs are only drawbacks. First, you need to know how much of the extra burden your property can take and once you find that out, you can continue with your green roof project. Green roofing system has great insulation and thermal properties, and they can lower heat island effects in dense urban areas.

So that would be it on the topic of eco-friendly roofing materials and systems. If you wish to help Mother Nature by going green and lower your utility bills by doing so, then inform yourself even more about each of these options. We are sure that you will make a right decision. If you wish to know even more on the topic, you can always contact your favorite Statesboro, GA roofing contractor South Shore Roofing.

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