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How to fix a roof leak by yourself

We can honestly tell you that there are few things that homeowners hate more than a leaky roof. After so many years working in the roofing industry, we have come to the realization that a roof leak is the most despised and problematic damage that appears on the client’s roofing system. Thousands of dollars are given to the scamming roofing companies and handymen a year for „repairing“ a leaky roof. Homeowners often don’t realize that the damage they are calling a professional for is not that severe. Here at South Shore Roofing, your time and money are appreciated which is why we are writing this article. While we are fully aware that big leaks can only be solved by an experienced and skilled roofing company, some smaller ones can be handled by a homeowner himself. So, this article will show you five ways of how you can repair your own leak and save some money. Get skilled by reading our ultimate guide on how to fix a leak.


Before you start on anything, you should inspect your roof and detect the exact source of the roof leak. There are many ways on how you can do this and we have a whole article dedicated to finding a source of a leak. Of course, first look for signs of water and water stains on your ceilings. If your attic doesn’t help you much, carefully hop on the roof and inspect suspicious places like flashings.  You can also take a hosepipe and soak your roof while your helper waits for the roof to leak. That is probably the most reliable way to find a place where your roof is leaking precisely. If you are sure you have found the exact spot, get ready to fix it with our tips and tricks.


Shiner is a nail that is, of course, misplaced. It is a result on incorrect placing but luckily it is considered to be a small damage and you can fix it very quickly. The moisture that goes into the attic condenses on the nails and the nail is frozen during the night and then melts during the day. You can easily repair this problem if you clip the nail with a side-cutting pliers.


Flashings are very often causing a leaky roof. Step flashing is especially vulnerable. It often lets the water in but luckily for you,  it is easy to fix.  You should remove the shingles, pry siding loose and replace the step flashing. Why would you spend your money when you are capable of doing this yourself?


Vents are and often cause of damage and not just roof leak. They play a huge role in how your roof will perform. The situation is pretty clear if your vents are rusty, old and obsolete. However, what if they are brand new and still causing problems? You obviously will not go and buy new ones. The nails are the problem, so get rid of the surrounding shingles and replace them with the rubber-washed screws. Your best local Savannah GA roofing company, South Shore Roofing is happy to help you lean some new things and ways on how to save money and time!


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