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Picking the perfect roof for your home is one of the most important things a homeowner will have to face.  The type of roof you choose will guard you and your family for at least the next 20 years or more. Picking the best roof for your company building is just as important. Everything you’ve achieved will be under that roof- all the paperwork, all the furniture, computers, structures, workers, etc. So, it must be one amazing roof to cover that.  Commercial roofing is an even more neglected topic than residential is. South Shore Roofing, commercial roofing in Savannah, GA, tries hard to change that. That’s why building owners often forget about their roofs thinking they are fine as they are. However, it’s not that simple. The commercial roof can deal with many problems. This article will cover most often damages and how building owners can solve them. Keep reading and find out what harms your roof and how to react.


Ponding Water

A common problem commercial buildings, with flat roof shape, have to face with is accumulated water or so-called ponding water. Standing water on the flat roof can cause serious damage. The roof can slowly deteriorate and eventually leak. It’s important to prevent this from happening while the ponds are still relatively light and small in size. If you wait long the enough for the water to come in the building, you could end up spending thousands of dollars for repairing the damage.

Ponding can result from various reasons. Most often causes are blocked drains, vegetation on the roof, tree branches, leaves or anything else clogging the pipes. That’s why it’s critical that you clean your drains regularly and hire a professional to inspect your building and commercial roof. Otherwise, you could risk the whole buildings’ safety. Skylights can also cause ponding water to appear. If the sealant cracks, water will come through and cause interior damage.  We recommend you never to try to fix these problems on your own, always call a roofing professional who will determine the source of the problem and help you prevent it in the future.


Leaks, in general, are the most often problem with any roofing system. It doesn’t matter whether it’s commercial or residential roofing, leaking is number one reason why interior and exterior get damaged.  Leaks can come from numerous sources. The most prominent one is flashing. Flashing is the area that seals roof penetrations. Modified bitumen commercial roofing systems often deal with leaking due to flashing. You have to make sure flashing is properly installed and attached. To prevent low-quality flashing, you should hire an experienced roofer.

 Bubbling or Blistering

If you notice little bubbles on the surface of your roofing system, it means you are experiencing bubbling and blistering. Those little bubbles are filled with either water or air. Blistering and bubbling will appear thanks to moisture trapped under the roof. Often the cause of this appearance is the wrong installation of the roof cover. If the roof cover is applied to the wet base or if the membrane is installed in sections, bubbling and blistering are more likely to appear. These are not severe problems, and you don’t have to solve them right away, but they are a sign your have to dedicate some time to your roof and call a professional.

The wind

What could be more annoying than having to reinstall a section of shingles due to the wind? Incorrectly installed flashing can cause blow offs. It means that a high-speed wind lifts the roof membrane from the base.  Blow-offs happen due to poor installation- the roof is less resistant to the force of the wind. It’s a serious problem which has to be solved as soon as possible to prevent disaster.

Poor maintenance

Just like in residential roofing, commercial roofs also demand care and maintenance. Many building owners try to repair commercial roof damage on their own. However, South Shore Roofing, roofer in Savannah, Georgia, recommends calling a professional. It’s dangerous to work on top of the building, and you could also compromise the quality of entire roofing system. The best way to avoid repairs on commercial roofing completely is to do regular inspections. An expert in commercial roofing should help here as well since inspecting a roof on the building is harder than checking a roof of a single house.

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