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There is nothing worse than seeing a water stain on a freshly painted ceiling. The first thing you should do is to find a bucket that will collect the water and prevent any additional flooring damages. Second and the most important thing is to realize that the stain signalizes that your roof has a leakage. Detecting a roof leak might be quite tricky but it’s crucial. In this article, we will present you some useful tricks for detecting common types of a roof leak, so you can repair it before it harms the rest of your house.


Why is it necessary to detect a roof leak

A roof leak can bring you a lot of problems. Even though at first it seems like an aesthetic problem on your ceiling, once you realize how serious this condition is – you will try to fix it as soon as possible. A roof leak can lead to many serious conditions, such as rotted framing, destroyed insulation. A roof leak can even lead to mold, and that is something nobody wants to happen.  The more damages it causes – the more expensive repair will be. So as soon as you notice the leak, you should consult the experts to help you detect the cause of the leak.


How to detect a roof leak

Finding the actual place where the leakage happens is the hardest part of repairing a roof leak. You can see the stain in the corner of your ceiling, but it doesn’t mean that roof leak is right above it. Water can fall in various directions, so it can get relatively impossible to find the exact place of a roof leak, but it is necessary to put some effort into it before is too late.

1. Rain has its benefits

Even though many people don’t like the rain, especially if they have a leaky roof, rain may help you to detect a roof leak. Once it starts raining go to your attic and bring a flashlight. Since water reflects light, it’s easy to find it with a flashlight. Once you notice the right spot, mark it down so you can fix it when the rain stops.

2. Garden hose is multifunctional tool

It’s better to repair the roof leak on a sunny day. But can you detect the actual spot when it’s not raining? With a little help of a garden hose, of course. Hire your family member (or a neighbor) to help you from the outside with a garden hose, while you’re looking for a roof leak from the attic.

3. Maybe it’s not the roof

You should consider the possibility that the reason of leaky roof isn’t actually a roof. Check everything that is surrounding your roof – from insulation around the electric service to shingles, gutters, and dormer valleys.


Detecting a roof leak isn’t easy, especially for amateurs. That’s why you should consider hiring the experts. With a little help from experienced roofing contractor South Shore Roofing in Savannah Georgia, you can find the right solution for every roofing problem. If you have any questions or if you’ve noticed stains on your ceiling, feel free to contact us.


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