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It’s just your luck. You were certain that the forecast called for a bright, sunny day today, but all you see are rolling clouds darkening the horizon, sheets of water cascading down and gunning for you and your home. You were already contending with the damage done to your roof from the last storm; now the ensuing rain is threatening to undo all your hard work once more.

Roofers have had to fight and compromise with Mother Nature since we thatched the very first straw roofs. We get it. We’ve been there and done that, and we’re here to tell you: don’t panic!

Can You Roof in the Rain?

Although it may seem obvious to not roof in the rain, you’d be surprised to learn of how many queries we receive requesting otherwise, and how many times we’ve had to postpone or cancel jobs due to inclement weather. It’s not just a matter of safety – indeed, roofing in the rain can be in direct violation of many building codes – but also a matter of integrity and quality.

Any amount of water – even a light drizzle – can damage the materials and tools used by your roofing contractors, and can especially damage the roofing area that’s being worked on. If even the slightest moisture enters under the material being installed (which can vary from wood to felt) or shingling, it can cause warping, leaking, molding, and more.

Rain can also break a roofer’s concentration. Roofing can be an intense, detail-oriented job, and more often than not requires a steady hand. If roofers are forced to work through bad weather, they may miss something during a process, not notice crucial details, and generally may not be as careful. They may try to finish the job as quickly as possible so as to avoid the next downpour or lightning strike!

Do Roofers Work in the Rain?

Therefore, the short answer is no, roofers generally do not work in the rain. Aside from the danger it poses to a roofer’s own safety and the possible deterioration of their materials and equipment, roofers cannot guarantee high-quality craftsmanship in wet conditions. This can even lead to materials getting damaged by the rain, thus possibly voiding their warranties!

When searching for a respectable roofing contractor, hire the ones that clearly outline or explain any insurance policies they may have for their workers. Their safety should be their top priority, on top of their skills and expertise.

If you want to avoid replacing or repairing a roof in the rain, try to schedule in advance – roofers have plenty of experience monitoring the weather and can pick the best dates to come work on your roof.

Emergency Roofing Services in South Georgia and South Carolina

If you require emergency roof repair, contact South Shore Roofing today. We’re available 24/7 and offer various roofing services, including emergency tarping. Roof tarping is a temporary solution, preventing further damage to your roof. This is especially useful during stormy weather, where a quick reaction is essential.

Reach out to South Shore Roofing today to find out more about our services. You’ll also get a FREE estimate on a roof inspection!

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