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4 Reasons Why Asphalt Shingles Are an Excellent Choice for Your New Roof

Today, when options are practically unlimited, homeowners have the possibility to choose among a wide variety of roofing materials.

They can select a roofing material that checks all of their boxes and meets all of their requirements, such as durability, curb appeal, resistance, etc. 

And with all of those available options, asphalt shingle roofing is still one of the most popular types of residential roofing and continues to be the first choice among the majority of homeowners.

Why is that? Because asphalt shingles are a smart and economical choice that comes with an array of benefits. 

Keep reading to find out what they are and why you should choose asphalt shingle roofing for your home, as well.

Get High Durability and Longevity

Asphalt shingles are durable and resistant to all types of weather, which is also why their life span can reach several decades. They can last 30 years on average, but with regular maintenance and inspections, sometimes even longer. 

With a reliable and expert roofing contractor performing periodic inspections and dealing with the occasional wear and tear, your shingles will remain in good health for a long time to come. 

There are also different types and classes of asphalt shingles to choose from when it comes to their durability, and your choice will ultimately depend on the type of weather you get.

Therefore, make sure to employ your local roofer’s help, compare different shingle types, and find the one that will be able to withstand the climate in your area.

Enjoy the Stylistic Versatility

Another reason why asphalt shingles are so popular among homeowners is that they are very versatile in style and color. They complement and enhance all types of homes and architectural styles. 

And apart from a wide selection of colors, styles, and textures, they can also come in different designs that mimic the rustic and unique look of wood shakes, clay, or slate. 

Don’t Break Your Budget

Asphalt shingles are among the most cost-effective roofing systems you could choose for your home. They come with both high quality and affordable prices, which means that you won’t have to break your budget to get proper protection. 

Compared to other roofing products, asphalt shingles cost the least to maintain, repair, and renovate, as well as to tear off and dispose of after they reach the end of their life span. 

The shingles themselves and their installation process are also less expensive than most other roofing materials on the market.

Avoid Complications and Structural Issues

The fact that asphalt shingles are light in weight makes them easy to transport and to install, as opposed to some other materials that are heavier and more fragile. 

In addition to that, and precisely because they are lightweight, it will not be necessary to add any additional support structures or conduct modifications to your home roofing system. 

Your current structure will most probably be able to carry the weight of the shingles and fit in with their design. 

When it comes to asphalt shingle roof installation, it is less complex than installing some other types of roofs. Nevertheless, it is always best to hire an experienced roofer to do it. 

They will ensure that shingles are safely and adequately installed and you will usually receive full warranties with the installation, such as a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Thoughts 

Relying on these, and many other benefits, the popularity of asphalt shingles continues to rise. They will be a great choice for your home as well because they are considered to be a reliable and durable roofing product. 

If you are in need of a new roof and are thinking about installing asphalt shingles on your home, don’t hesitate to call your best asphalt shingle roofing expert for help.



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