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As we’re turning to the hotter months, you may think it’s an opportune time to look into a local roof replacement company to do some work on your property. However, at South Shore Roofing, we’ve got a different proposal to make: have you thought about planning a winter roof replacement instead?

The summer season in Savannah, GA, can be excruciatingly unforgiving due to the high temperatures and humidity. This is especially true for people who spend their working days outside, such as roof replacement contractors.

Pros of Winter Roofing

While there are safety measures in place to keep workers safe during the summer, allow us to nevertheless give you a quick overview of why your next roofing project should be done during the winter. Keep reading to find out more!

Cost Savings

Winter is a slower season for most roofing contractors, which can possibly lead to discounts and better offers on financial plans. Materials might be cheaper due to low demand, too!

Contractor Availability

Contractors are less busy in the winter, making scheduling an appointment more flexible. And, with fewer projects lined up, roofers can start your roof replacement sooner.

Preparing for Spring and Summer

Completing a roof replacement in winter ensures your home is prepared for the harsher spring and summer weather, including the storms and heavy rains they bring with them.

Winter Roofing Problems

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to a winter roof project in Savannah (no pun intended). There may be some roadblocks in the way that you should discuss with your contractor, such as:

Weather-Related Delays

Although Savannah doesn’t typically experience extreme cold, winter can still bring rain and chilly days, delaying your project. You should also consider high humidity and rainfall, too; these can affect the quality of installations if not managed properly.

Issues with Roofing Materials

Roofing materials may expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. Asphalt shingles, for example, can become brittle in colder temperatures, making them harder to work with and more prone to cracking. Some adhesives and sealants used in roofing may not perform well in colder temperatures, either.

Reduced Daylight Hours

With fewer daylight hours, the workday is shortened, potentially extending the project’s deadline.

Finding the Right Savannah Roof Replacement Company to Help You This Winter: South Shore Roofing Stands Ready to Serve!

Replacing your roof doesn’t have to be daunting, nor is it a one-man show. Our Savannah roofing company is ready to go over what your home needs in order to find the right roof. We build our projects on a foundation of trust, integrity, and quality—“Built to Last a Lifetime” is our motto for a reason.

Interested to find out more? Contact us and book your free, no-hassle consultation today. You’re just a step away from the perfect roof this winter!

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