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Are you gearing up for a roof replacement and wondering how to put shingles on a roof? Installing shingles correctly is the key to a durable roof your family can count on for decades to come.

Here’s a quick look at how our team at South Shore Roofing installs a new shingle roof.


Shingling a roof starts with prep work, beginning with a thorough inspection of the existing roof’s condition and a calculation of the number of shingles required to install the new roof.

South Shore Roofing guides homeowners through the process of choosing the most appropriate shingle style and color to ensure the new roof perfectly matches their desired look.

With this exciting preparatory phase out of the way, we ensure our roofers are protected with the proper safety equipment when installing shingles — like harnesses and fall protection gear — and prepare your property for its new roof.

Installing the Underlayment and Starter Strip

Before installing shingles, we’ll protect your roof deck with a waterproof underlayment that protects your home from moisture penetration, securing it with nails or fasteners.

The next step is installing the starter strip; special shingles that serve as a secure foundation for the first layer of proper asphalt shingles.

Shingle Installation

Roofers know exactly how to reshingle a roof by carefully planning the layout in advance.

Our team will consider your roof’s dimensions, slope, and features like chimneys and skylights as we make sure your shingles are installed correctly.

When we’re ready to start securing the shingles, we begin with the bottom edge and lay the first row along the starter strip.

Working our way up from there, our experienced team of roofers will stagger the joints for optimal protection and beauty while adjusting our plan to account for your roof’s unique features.

Flashing and Ridge Cap Installation

Once the shingles are in place, we install flashing to secure roof penetrations (these are chimneys, skylights, vents, etc.).

Installing the ridge cap shingles — the roof’s “crowning glory” — is one of the final stages of the roof installation process.

Cleanup and Inspection

Before we can take pride in a job well done, the South Shore Roofing team will clear excess materials and debris from your property, checking that all the shingles were correctly installed and the entire roof is secure and sealed, adding finishing touches as needed.

After a final inspection, we’ll clean up after ourselves, leaving you to enjoy your new roof.

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