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Interview with Spotless Tile & Grout LLC from Monroe, GA


Spotless Tile & Grout LLC is a company from Monroe, GA and provides services like carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and pressure washing. Your best roofers South Shore Roofing from Savannah, GA took the interview with Spotless Tile & Grout LLC to hear about their business experience, since they have been working for almost ten years.

If you are interested in hearing their story, please took a few of your time and read the interview below. It’s a great feeling to support someone else’s effort, but you could also need them someday in the future.



  1. Company name and what do you do exactly?

Full company name

Spotless Tile & Grout LLC – Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning and Pressure Washing

  1. When did you start?


  1. Why did you start?

Tell us about your goals

I was working for a company that provide similar services to commercial accounts. Their customer service was deplorable and I knew I could do better. My goal is for my customers to only want to call me to do their carpet, tile and pressure washing

  1. What motivates you?

Describe your mission passion

A job well done! A fabulous customer review! Being able to support my family doing something I love to do.

  1. What was the most fulfilling moment that happened to you?

What is it that you love most about what you do?

My most fulfilling moments is when I can *WOW* a customer. When they tell me that they were ready to tear out their carpet, but now they feel like they can keep it for a while longer and just have me come out regularly to clean it. When a customer feels a tile shower or floor is a lost cause, and I am able to save them THOUSANDS of dollars by doing what I do best.

  1. What was the hardest/toughest moment you had to deal with?

Obstacles you faced when dealing with bureaucracy, permits, funding, etc. Something you would like to point out to anyone who might be starting their own organization.

When Spotless first started, we were primarily a commercial cleaning company. We had a large account that made up about 2/3 of our monthly income. One evening in October 2015, we received an email that this corporation was canceling ALL of their exterior services and going in house. We had to step back, switch gears and figure out how not to go belly up. The past 2 years have been tough, but we are still here. We still have some commercial account, but we are now mainly a residential business. My best advice to anyone starting a service based business is to not put all of your eggs in the commercial basket.

  1. What separates you from the rest? Why you?

Customer Service and follow up! Hands down we proved the best customer service in the area.

  1. Are you involved in local community, and if yes, how?

Pamela homeschools so we are highly involved in the homeschooling community in the area.

  1. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We hope to expand over the next 5 years. We are in the process of upgrading equipment and expanding to more trucks on the road.

Contact: How can people reach out to you? *

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Spotless Tile & Grout LLC
Monroe, GA




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