Solar Technology in Your Home
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Solar Home and Modern Technology


Solar systems for homes can come in many different forms and varieties. Solar power is an excellent renewable energy resource that holds many benefits for the homeowner as well as the environment.

The two most common solar power systems are PV (photovoltaic) panels and the thermal solar system which function as alternative energy sources that powers your home. Apart from these two, there is much innovative technology coming forward in the solar industry that can upgrade your home and make it both energy-efficient and modern. 



Grid-Tied Vs. Off-Grid Systems


Grid-Tied PV systems

A grid-tied residential solar power system is connected to the house and the traditional electric utility grid. The power which gets generated by the Solar PV system is in the form of DC which then gets converted to AC by an inverter. This power is then directly used by your property. When there is no power being produced from the Solar PV System, power from the grid gets used.


Off-grid PV system

An off-grid solar power system is completely disconnected from your home’s electrical system, meaning that you are entirely reliant on the power generated from your Solar PV system. It is a standalone system, and power failures do not affect this kind of system, but you will need a backup generator or battery in times when there is no sun available for the system to produce power.

The power from the Solar PV system is in the form of DC which gets fed through a charge controller. This power then gets stored in a battery bank. As power is needed, it flows through an inverter that changes it to AC so that the energy can be used in the home. When all the power in the battery bank is used, and the Solar PV system is not producing at the time, then a generator will kick in to provide the home with power.


Innovative Options And Possibilities


Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Another way to keep you off the grid is by making use of deep cycle solar batteries along with your solar system. You can incorporate these batteries into your homes solar grid, and they will, in turn, be charged through the solar panels. After they get loaded by the sun through the solar panels, the energy is stored inside of them. They can function as your secondary power system. In the case of a solar system malfunction or when the sun is not powering the panels, like for example at night, they will provide you with power. 


Solar hot air collectors

Solar hot-air collectors are also a simple solar thermal system. They come in the form of a thin black box made of glass on the one side. They can be placed on the side of the house or on top of the roof with tubing that enters the home. As the sun shines, the air inside makes the collector hot, where after a fan circulates the hot air through the tubes into the house. This kind of collector is a great invention that will help you save on heating costs during winter days as you do not have to turn on your conventional heater.


Invisible Solar Cells

With the development of invisible solar cells, the possibilities of solar power will become endless. These solar cells have the ability to capture light from the invisible ends of the spectrum only, which causes them to appear transparent. Due to their appearance, it will be possible to generate energy on all kinds of surfaces. They can replace those bulky solar panels with solar shingles and even turn windows of skyscrapers into energy generators.


Thin-film solar cells

The second generation of photovoltaic solar cells is the thin-film solar cells. These type of panels contains solar cells that consist of light absorbing layers which are about 350 times smaller than the standard silicon panel. Up and till now they are the lightest PV cell to be found, while still maintaining strong durability. Thin-film solar cells are used commercially in several technologies.


Solar Paint

An exciting new technology that has not make its way to the market yet is the new Solar paint. This technology will allow you to transform your whole house into a source of clean energy. A team of researchers developed it in Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

This advanced material absorbs solar energy as well as moisture from the air. It can split the water into hydrogen and oxygen which allow the hydrogen to be used as power and fuel. It can be used on any surface that can be painted, for example, a brick wall, turning it into an energy harvesting and fuel production source.


Final Thoughts

Seeing these kinds of inventions in progress makes us realize that solar power brings high hopes for the future and can be seen to fit every household. We should take into account that conventional techniques such as gas and coal did not grow overnight, it took them a  decade to develop. The same goes for solar power, and it will also take some time before that too becomes a significant part of the market. 

Going green and solar has become a large part of our lives, but also a great necessity considering the condition in which we find our planet. Our climate is changing by the day. We are in the middle of global warming which is harming our world and will leave some severe consequences for our future generations.

We should take every possible step towards trying to heal our planet by lessening our carbon footstep, decreasing the pollution and the waste, this is what your top roofing company Savannah GA – South Shore Roofing supports. Luckily, there are many things nowadays we can do thanks to the green and solar technologies developing every day, helping us make use of the natural and sustainable power and resources.

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