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People in Savannah are in a constant war against temperature. Summers are hot and humid, almost unbearable on certain days! Winters, although short, are cold and windy. But your home is your fortress with the optimal temperature… or at least it should be.

If you can’t lower the temperature in your house, you might have a roofing issue, not a faulty AC. The same happens in winter if you can’t achieve that warmth of a home.

No. We don’t want to say that having a perfect roof makes your AC, heating, or insulation irrelevant. We want to say that all of those components must work together if you want to be comfortable at home.

That’s why we’ll tell you how your roof affects the temperature of your house. And what could happen if you let things go out of control.

Roof Is The First Line of Defense

Your roof is your first line of defense. If it’s damaged, it can’t keep the heat out. Even perfect roofs can’t repel all the heat. That depends on the material and color of the roof.

The Color Of Your Roof Matters

We all know how humid and hot Savannah summers are. That’s why most roofs here are in some tone of black, dark brown, or dark gray. Dark colors absorb more light (heat). So most people don’t wear black during the summer. On the other hand, bright colors don’t attract heat. And light-colored clothes are perfect for summer.

Roof Vents Don’t Get Enough Credit

The first line of defense is crucial, but roof, ridge vents, and attic fans are responsible for regulating temperature in your home. Their job is to balance the attic temperature with the rest of the house, lowering your home temperature. The vent should allow hot air that accumulates in the attic to move outside the house.

Many people turn their ACs up and burn more money instead of checking if roof vents are installed or are working as they should.

Hot air in the attic and high humidity are also the textbook conditions for mold development. And could lead to leaks because the inner layers of the roof could rot. But long before those disasters happen, you’ll sweat at home while your AC swallows your money if your roof vent doesn’t work.

How To Be Sure Your Roof Isn’t Rising Your Energy Bills?

Inspections. Nothing beats regular maintenance. And we aren’t talking solely about roofing. Check your AC regularly too. But we’re roofers, so we’ll tell you how to sleep well at night…

Not only because you’ll know your roof is in good condition, but because the temperature in your home will be comfortable.

All you have to do is schedule a free estimate by a licensed Savannah roofing contractor. We’ll check what’s wrong and suggest a proven solution.

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