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3 things you need to consider before you go for roof repair or replacement


Have you ever wondered as to when you should replace or repair your roof? You might have no idea your current roofing system is due for replacement. To avoid this from happening, you need to be familiar with certain things that serve as a sign that you need to go out there and have your roof replaced or repaired. Take everything into consideration so that you will not be spending more money to have your roof repaired or replaced. Be a responsible homeowner and you will have no major problems with your roof in the future.

The following are the three things you need to consider before you go for roof repair or replacement:

1. Damaged Roofing Material

Always remember that if the tile breakage constitutes to more than 50%, you need to have your roof replaced. It would not be efficient for you to have your roof repaired if it is way below 50%. You will be spending more money than you plan on. Do your math right because of that you will not be paying more, and later on, pay even more when another set of tiles or shingles get broken.

2. Underlayment System.

Underlayment should be inspected. Just because the tiles are in good condition it does not mean the entire roof is. You need to take into account that when underlayment system is not functioning it can force any homeowner to spend even more on repairs if left unnoticed and uninspected.

3. Flashing

One thing you must remember when it comes to your roof -check out all areas where there is flashing. You need to be aware as to how many years it would last and if whether or not they are still in good condition.

The things mentioned above will help you to be acutely aware as to whether or not your entire roof is in good shape. If one of them is present, you need to make sure that something is done immediately. You do not want damage to accumulate and lead you to pay more for replacement or repair.

When you notice that there is breakage of the tiles at 50%, or if the systems for flashing, penetration and underlayment are in bad condition, you need to call an expert. Make sure you have someone who has been in the industry for years. Someone who is a specialist in the field of roofing and who can deliver the service at a cost you can afford.

It would be best to check out the websites of several roofing companies within your area. It will give you a rough idea as to what services they do offer, how long they have been in the business and more important information you need to know. If you think that you have found a perfect company to hire, contact them. Ask for a quotation and if they offer package deals.
If you are somewhere within the Georgia area, call your trusted roofing contractor South Shore Roofing from Statesboro, GA and we’ll provide you with any guidance and help you need.

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