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Should you consider installing  flat roof on your property


A flat roof is laid horizontally, but with some minor incline. Asphalt and synthetic rubber are the most popular materials for flat roofs in commercial roofing industry. If you want to replace your roof or if you are building your home from scratch, you need to know the pros and cons of flat roofing.


You need to maintain a flat roof more than a pitched one. The former does not have a way for water to filter away. Standing water, clogged drainage systems, and debris will affect the roof’s lifespan.


Flat roofs will be cheaper as they require fewer materials. For instance, there are no rafters and engineered trusses, a common feature of pitched roofs.

It is cheaper to insure a roofing contractor who is installing a flat roof than one who is installing a pitched one. It is harder to fall off a flat roof.


Since flat roofs do not have a pitch, they are easier to install. The roofing contractors can easily navigate the roof.


Flat roofs have a relatively short lifespan (around 10 years). They do not drain naturally, as they lack a pitch. This may reduce your chances of selling the property, as the prospective buyer will be aware of the roof’s shortened lifespan. With a pitched roof (metal or asphalt) you could get a pro-rated warranty on labor and materials. It lasts even 5 decades.


A flat roof is more likely to leak. Insurance companies know this, thus you are more likely to pay higher insurance premiums. If you install a metal roof your premiums will be lower. This is because the latter is more resistant to elements like hail and fire. They also eliminate the buildup of excess snow on their surfaces.

Absorption of heat

A flat roof is designed to absorb heat. It lacks pitch, exposing the entire roof to the sun the entire day. During summer, you will pay more to keep your home cool. This may be much more than what you saved on heating costs in winter.

Extra space

A flat roof allows for extra space. Better still, they provide entertaining space with rooftop decks or patio. It can also be used as living space. This increases the value and square footage of the home. If you want a rooftop garden or landscaping, a flat roof is ideal. Extreme pitches eliminate the amount of livable space.

Surface area

A pitched roof has to arch over your ceiling space, using up a lot more surface area. The surface area on a flat roof is larger.

Easier and safer inspection

It is easy to climb and inspect a flat roof if it needs repair. It is harder to fall off a flat roof.


Arid climates are the most ideal when it comes to flat roofs. Pitched roofs allow water to drain off the roof, without pooling. You need a strong gutter system to drain a flat roof.

All in All

The factors discussed above will help you settle for a flat roof, or opt for other types. If you need any additional information or guidance, feel free to contact us at South Shore Roofing, Statesboro, GA roofing company.



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