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Supporting outstanding organizations is our way to pay our respect to a local community. Our category “non-profit of the week” is growing day by day so be sure to contact us if you have any non-profit organization on your mind.
Our newest interview is with CURE Childhood Cancer. We talked with Kristin Connor (Executive Director) and now we are calling you to take few minutes and read about them. Read, share and most of all support them because they deserve your attention.



1. To begin with, can you briefly introduce your organization?

CURE focuses on funding research that will eliminate cancers that affect children. We also come alongside families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis.



2. What is your organization’s main mission?
CURE is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research while supporting patients and their families.



3. In which ways have you contributed to the local community?
We support local families through such programs as meals, emergency financial aid, counseling, and bereavement care. In the past year, CURE fully funded Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s innovative new precision medicine program served over 10,000 meals to patients and families in treatment and supported more than 350 families with over $200,000 of emergency financial assistance. This is just a partial list of the local contribution we have provided.



4. What was the biggest challenge your organization had to face?
Please describe what the challenge was, how you overcame it, and how this experience reflected on your organization’s work.
The biggest challenge we face is the children continue to suffer and die at the hands of cancer. We don’t want even one more child to die because of this disease. This is why we work urgently and relentlessly to raise funds to advance science.



5. What do you perceive to be your biggest accomplishment?
Please describe what the accomplishment was, how you achieved it, and which opportunities it has opened up for your organization.
Our biggest accomplishment in my tenure to CURE was providing the funding to launch the Aflac Precision Medicine Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This $4.5 million investment has brought a new treatment capability to Atlanta to benefit the children of Georgia and this region of the country. Through this program, children whose cancer is resistant to chemotherapy or returns will have their cancer’s genes mapped so doctors can determine at the genetic level what is enabling the cancer cells to survive. Treatment will then be aimed at the precise genetic abnormality at issue. This is real, tangible hope for children who need it most, and we are so proud we are enabling it to happen here in Georgia with our funding.



6. How would you like the members of the local community to get involved with your organization?
Please mention all forms of support and involvement that you would appreciate.
Of course, donations of any size are critical to our ability to advance research and provide support – such as financial assistance, transportation and lodging, counseling and bereavement care – to the families we serve. We also depend on volunteers as our staff is small. We try to gear our volunteer opportunities to the interests, availability, and ages of our volunteers. However, most helpful to the organization are those volunteers who come to us willing and wanting to do whatever is needed, even if it’s not that glamorous. Those interested in volunteering can fill out a volunteer application on our website.



7. Do you have any upcoming events?
Our next big event is A Tribute to our Quiet Heroes (see in September. We constantly have third-party events that can be found on our calendar at



8. What is it that you love most about what you do?
The mission of the organization is personal to me. I really want to see the day that all children with cancer can be cured. So working within my passion is a labor of love. I also love the people involved with the organization – from staff to the board to volunteers. But most of all, I love the children and families we serve.


CURE Childhood Cancer
200 Ashford Center N., Ste 250
Atlanta, GA 30338
770-986-0035 ext 24 (Kristin) or ext 32 (Mark)


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