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How to properly take care of your flat roof

Most flat roof systems require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure they look tidy and clean. All the above only depends on the lever of maintenance. This types of roof attract algae and moss which can look very bad on the roofing surface but can also damage the roof if it is not treated on time. There are many products that can help you with cleaning and prolong the lifespan of your roofing system.

As flat roofing products go, our product is among the best. Its performance against the elements is outstanding which means homeowners have peace of mind that their investment will be maintenance free for its entire lifespan. If you think that this job isn’t easy and requires a lot, the best is to contact a professional you will keep your roofing system in its optimum condition. This will help you protect your roofing surface for many years. Cleaning may be an unwanted, messy job, but when it is done, you can add a couple of more years to the lifetime of your roofing system.


Before you attempt to clean the roofing system by yourself, you should consider taking an advice from a licensed roofing professional. They can tell you which is the most appropriate cleaning method depending on your flat roofing system. Cleaning the system and the products needed can vary, all depending on the flat type material used on your roofing structure. They can also take care of this job if you cannot do it by yourself. Remember that this kind of work may be very dangerous and without the proper equipment and expertise, can lead to serious damages of the roofing system. It is also very dangerous for you, due to health injuries when falling down the roofing surface.


Autumn is always the best time to plan the cleaning. There are leaves and other debris falling off the trees. You can gently clean all the debris with a brush or a blower before you start with any cleaning. Many people use a pressure washer for cleaning the flat roof, This method has become very popular due to the eco-friendly feature. You do not need any chemicals. A gasoline-powered washer can easily remove algae or moss with water. But, using the washer, it will take sometimes clear all the roofing area.


You can also consider some alternative solutions like the chlorine wash. This method is very quick and popular and you spend less water. But, remember that chlorine can be toxic, for the plants and also for people. If you choose this method, you need to take care of the environment in your property.


This is also an alternative method which is very effective but takes longer to be complete. It takes more intensive rinsing than the method listed above. Also, this method does not need a too concentrated mixture, because it can cause irreversible damage to the flat roofing system.


Sometimes the best solution is to call a professional roofer who will clean your flat roofing system and leave it with no signs of damage. Some of the methods are very dangerous because you can hurt yourself if you do not use them properly, so don’t hesitate and contact your trusted local commercial roofer from Statesboro, Georgia.

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