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An idea behind roof venting: What is it really about and how it works

We always try to balance out all the important things related to the roof so your roofing system could work perfectly.  We focus on everything that is simply inevitable when it comes to your roof being functional. After all, roof covers your home and protects you from everything. A topic some roofing companies ignore or neglected is roof ventilation. Roof venting can easily be one of the most important procedures on your house. However, it is widely misinterpreted and incorrectly explained. Many websites led by anonymous writers give out wrong information about roof venting and how to do it. That’s why people often simply lose interest in venting their roof. South Shore Roofing, residential roofer in Savannah, GA will try to explain roof venting thoroughly and in details. If ventilation is correctly done,  your roof and entire house will profit. On the other side, an improperly vented roof can end up with problems like mold, rot, ice dams and most importantly big energy loss and therefore money loss. This has a lot to do with what we previously said about wrong information on the Internet. Many homeowners decide to do it alone. While South Shore Roofing team support expanding the knowledge, we think ventilation is something you should let a professional do. So, let’s finally dive into out article. Find out everything you need to know about roof venting and help your entire house function better.


Roof venting is a topic on which there is a lot to say. For starters, it is crucial to know how ventilation works, what it does and why it is a good thing to do. It is completely logical that people don’t appreciate roof ventilation and don’t think it is worth spending the money when they don’t understand it. We find roof ventilation’s first purpose to make your home energy efficient.  The purpose of roof venting can also depend on which climate your house is in. If you’ve been googling a lot and you still don’t understand roof venting and attic venting; don’t worry we will explain it. It is similar and has the same effect.

Cold climates can be quite messy. Sometimes venting could be the solution to all the problems for homeowners located in cold weather. Ventilating your roof in freezing climate serves to keep the surface of your roof cold as well. If it doesn’t make sense; keeping the roof cold prevents ice dams. When your roof and the attic are hotter than the outside temperature, snow on the roof begins to melt. Ice dams can create major problems like leaks. Therefore, venting is necessary because it keeps the moisture away.

Hotter climates work differently. Venting in hotter places can help a lot too by getting rid of the hot air from your attic. The attic is heated because of the Sun and roof vents can contribute to expelling the hot air and lead the fresh one in. By doing so, you can lower the amount of energy that you usually use for cooling and save hundreds of dollars. Of course, you are also acting eco-friendly which is important in the 21st century.

When it comes to mixed climate, you will benefit from roof ventilation either way. So, the conclusion is that anywhere you are- venting simply can’t be a bad idea.


If you are up for the DIY project, then venting your attic should be a lot easier than venting the roof. It is easier because you don’t have to spend your time calculating about all those slopes, hips, valleys, etc. For efficient attic ventilation, you should make sure there is absolutely nothing in your attic space. While we recommend you to call us to help you out, you can find a lot of DIY tips online.


Unlike attic ventilation, to vent your roof deck, you will have to consider multiple things. It is a more complicated procedure but very efficient one. The level of difficulty will depend on how your roof is constructed. You will have to spend less time on venting a simply constructed roof than the one with hips, valleys, dormers or skylights. Roofs with equipment such as skylights will be harder to vent.

We at South Shore Roofing, Savannah roofing contractor can help you out either with advice or doing the job. Venting is extremely useful if it is done correctly and by professionals who understand the concept of roof venting. We are always at your full disposals and ready to help! For more information, contact our roofing company!

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