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Some of the must-have amendments for your home

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, there are countless new tech gadgets on the market now to help you with that, and we at South Shore Roofing, the number one roofing contractor in Savannah, GA are going to help you with that too! With all the smart technology available now, you can turn your home into a smart one and enjoy all the benefits it brings. It will make your home more comfortable, your life easier and, maybe most important of all, you can make your home and your life much more secure and safer. Here is a list of some the must-have amendments that will improve your life and upgrade your home.

Main control system

If you have some smart gadgets around the house, especially if there is a lot of them, then having a main control system would be a great idea. It makes the whole house even smarter and the managing of all the devices and gadgets easier. Control systems such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit let you connect the smart gadgets you have to them and control them all from one single device, one control point. They come in the form of a smart speaker, they are voice-activated, and usually come with a virtual assistant that listens to your commands and even speaks to you.

While it depends on your needs and preferences which control system you should get, Amazon Echo has been said to be the best one. It has more options, features, capabilities, and better device-support, meaning it supports more gadgets than Google Home or Apple HomeKit. If you already have one of those systems in place, it is always important to check if the gadget you want can connect to it before you buy it.


Lighting has also come a long way in this modern technological era. Forget the old lightbulbs you have to turn on and off by yourself through light switches. You can now have smart lightbulbs that connect to your main control systems and light them by voice command, or even program them when to turn on and off.

Lifx Color bulbs or Philips Hue LED starter kit connect wirelessly to your control system and let you enjoy your light in any color you can think of. They can be set on a timer, which also saves energy and makes your home more energy-efficient.


With smart thermostat you don’t have to worry whether you have turned it on or off, whether you set the right temperature, or whether your house will be warm enough. Thermostats such as Ecobee4 or Nest Learning Thermostat are a smart, economical way of heating and cooling your house. They have sensors which can set the optimal temperature, as well as turn off when nobody’s home. They can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, or on certain schedule, and can also be controlled remotely.

Security – cameras and digital locks

With smart security gadgets you can now feel safer than ever in your home. Smart cameras such as Nest Cam or Piper, have built-in motion and temperature sensors, as well as night vision, that can detect if there are any intruders in your house or any other suspicious activity. They connect to your smartphones and send you alerts, and can also be controlled remotely. With smart digital locks, such as August Smart Lock, you don’t have to worry all day if you locked the door behind you. The door locks automatically when you leave the house and allows to remotely let people in the house. It functions as a virtual key and it is the kind you cannot lose or misplace. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to contact South Shore Roofing, one of the top construction company in Statesboro, GA.

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