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5 Ways Annual Roof Inspections Make Your Life Easier

We all have so much going on, so it’s not surprising that we postpone stuff. However, procrastination is the fertile soil for problems. It’s easy to forget about something when it’s just an itch. But once it evolves, it becomes the only thing on a person’s mind.

That’s the ultimate benefit of timely roof repairs. Yet to achieve it, you need to collect other, smaller but vital benefits of roof maintenance. So let’s check them out.

Prolongs The Lifespan Of Your Roof And Reduces The Cost

If you keep repairing every problem as soon as it shows up, you won’t see them as problems. First, it’s easier to replace one shingle than 13 missing shingles, so it’s not as tiring or stressful. And resolving tiny issues ensures you don’t get to a point where a gust of wind strips your house naked.

Let’s compare a roof to a car. If you take good care of a car, it will serve you well for a long time. But if you crash it every 3 months, it will always have weaknesses, no matter how many times you repair them. So to ensure your shingles last for 12-15 years, possibly even more, address every issue on your roof. Professional inspections come in handy because contractors have experience in noticing early signs of big roofing problems.

You’re Less Likely To Get Leaks

And the scariest roofing problem is seeing water dripping in your living area. Then it’s not just a roofing problem. Serious leaks damage the attic, ceilings, walls, and sometimes even wiring. Water may start a fire if it gets in touch with electricity. All of those tragedies are because of something irrelevant as a drop of water.

So don’t just look for early signs of leaks in your living area. Once you see them, you already have leaks. Get to your attic, check if there are any rotten areas and if the roof vent works. And to prevent leaks, repair/replace your flashings and shingles at the first sign of damage. Also, if a roofing contractor suggests using the old flashing because it’s not that damaged, call someone else. Poorly installed and damaged flashings are responsible for numerous leaks every year.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Some homeowners aren’t aware of how much their roofs affect their energy bills. Rising the temperature might create a disaster in the attic. Roof vents and insulation are there for a reason. Insulation should keep your warm air inside the house because you aren’t paying bills to keep the outside air warm.

The same works during summer. Those with poor roof insulation pay higher AC bills because they need to burn more energy to achieve the same temperature.

No Unpleasant Surprises From the Insurance Company

Another reason why you probably want to repair every roof problem you notice is dealing with insurance companies. Most policies don’t cover wear and tear, meaning that the homeowner pays for the repairs caused by the lack of maintenance.

In a way, that means it pays off to take care of your roof. It’s better to do a free inspection and minor repairs every year than to deal with a disaster every 3 years. And contact us if you need a Statesboro, GA, roofing contractor with many roofs under its wing.

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