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Pros and Cons of Fiber Cement Roofing

Fiber cement is a durable material made from sand, cellulose fibers, and cement, which is where manufacturers reinforce cement with fiber such as cardboard and similar items. This type of roofing material’s inventor got the first patent in 1901. It was, however, in the 1980s their manufacturers stopped using asbestos as one of its inputs. Most homeowners now widely use it. The panels come in the form of roofing slates, or sheets, which the manufacturers shaped to look like wrinkled iron. At South Shore Roofing, a residential roofer company in Savannah, GA, we know that fiber cement roofing is relatively cheap, but there are some advantages and drawbacks of the material, which should be considered carefully before use.

Pros of Fiber Cement Roofing

Cheap: It is cheap and easily available. You can find many cement roofing slates and tiles that can fit together easily. Weather-resistant: It also performs well in weather conditions, as the material itself is watertight and durable. It can go up very quickly, making it an advantage during wet weather. If you live near the ocean, it holds up well against the harsh sea salt air. Safe: It is much safer than in previous years, where the fiber cement was made of asbestos. Fire-resistant: More than 90 per cent of fiber cement’s composition is not flammable, which is another reason it is so popular. Insect- and rot-resistant: The structure of cement makes it protected against rot and insects, as well as mold and mildew thanks to the fact that the seams don’t overlap. All of this makes your home a lot safer. Versatile: Fiber cement roofing is very versatile and is available in a wide variety of colors. Looks: it is good-looking, can mimic wood shingles or planks, and you can paint it to look unique.

Cons of Fiber Cement Roofing

Lifespan: It is not durable in that, while cement is relatively stable, it is susceptible to breakage in the right circumstances. They can also suffer the effects of long-term exposure to the wind, which will include weathering, and penetration of water through the roof. Expensive: Cement roofing is often more costly – usually two or three times more than other materials – to install because it requires more labor. Another way in which it costs more is in regards to maintenance after you inspect it because cement needs repainting every 10 to 15 years.

How You Can Maintain Your Fiber Cement Roof’s Life Expectancy

A straightforward and regular maintenance program will extend your roof’s life. You need to have roofing companies – South Shore Roofing in Statesboro, Georgia – inspect it regularly to identify issues so that you can replace or repair them to maintain its performance and lifespan.

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