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Your house is the most important investment you will ever make. And once you are a homeowner, you quickly become aware of the role your roof plays – it protects your home from bad weather, extreme heat, cold, and rain. The typical lifecycle of a roof is about twenty years, sometimes even more. 

Regular maintenance and preventive care, along with taking immediate action if you see any damage, are extremely important. It really isn’t that stressful if you know what has to be done. 

Let’s look at the eight most important ways to prolong the lifecycle of your roof!

Monitor Your Roof

Your roof guards your house, but you, too, have to be its guard. Keep an eye out for possible damage. 

Unless there is a broken shingle or a leak, most people rarely inspect their roofs. However, inspecting it, particularly after a hail or windstorm, will help you to identify whether or not there is an issue.

Take a walk around your house and look for cracks in the roof, chimney, or flashing using binoculars. Look for curled or missing shingles, as well as discoloration, moss, and drooping on the sides.

Have the Roof Cleaned Regularly

Dirt and debris on your roof can cause moisture retention and damage to your roofing material. It can, for example, rot wood shingles and tiles. It also promotes moss development, which makes the surface heavier and increases the risk of collapse.

Professional roof cleaning is recommended at least once a year or anytime you notice substantial discoloration. This precaution will allow you to clear debris and avoid damage.

Make Sure to Insulate and Ventilate

When there is insufficient insulation on your roof and attic or a complete lack of it, your roof is exposed to increased heat, which causes it to age more quickly. In addition to that, when your roof ventilation isn’t working properly, hot air tends to get trapped there. So, ensure that all the roof and attic air vents are in good functioning order and that they can ventilate your property. 

Get Rid of Mold

If your roof is in the shade, it may hold water and be more prone to mold growth during rainy seasons. These fungi can discolor and consume the surface, resulting in premature wear and tear. To extend the life of your roof, keep an eye out for indicators of mold infestation, such as a musty stench and leakage.

Remove Ice Dams

Ice and snow add weight to a roof and might cause it to shatter if they remain on top of it for an extended amount of time. They also produce temperature swings, which can put pressure on the roofing material and lead to thermal shock.

During cold weather, you can clear ice on your roof with a long scraper or road salt and water. To avoid causing damage to your home, contact a professional for professional removal services if the chunks are large.

Trim the Surrounding Trees

Windstorms can be exacerbated by trees with branches that hang over your property. Tall trees also provide access to rodents, such as squirrels, that can gnaw on your roof. Trim any tree branches less than ten feet from your house on a regular basis to extend the life of your roof. Metal sheets can also be wrapped around tree trunks to keep animals from climbing and jumping onto your roof.

Have the Shingles Replaced

Improper installation or exposure to harsh weather can cause roofing shingles to fracture and shatter. Hire an expert to evaluate the entire surface and make any necessary repairs if you've identified a missing or defective shingle. You will be able to address small concerns before they become serious and prevent leaks or substantial damage if you take this step.

Enlist the Help of Roofing Professionals

Most homeowners avoid professional roof inspections to cut down on maintenance costs. However, getting these services will allow you to determine if there is an issue with your roof. 

The expert can then help you fix the damage and recommend other ways to protect the structure. Eventually, you will prevent secondary damage and save money that would otherwise go into extensive repair or installing a new roof.

For the best local option, call your roofing contractor Statesboro today and set up a roof inspection that will ensure the protection and longevity of your roof, as well as increase the property value of your home. 

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