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Particular places in each country are unfairly neglected or underrated. Sometimes, they are merely shadowed by bigger tourist cities, which are, in the US, giants like NYC and Los Angeles, and other times they are simply too small to attract attention. However, those hidden or less known locations are often the best of what the country has to offer.
That is the case with Chatham County – Georgia’s northernmost county out of the six coastal ones. Chatham County has strong roots in the American history as the fifth oldest county in Georgia. It was formed in 1777 and named after Sir William Pitt, the Elder. Why would you care for this spot? Well, except for the city of Savannah, other towns are offering a great experience, like Bloomingdale, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Thunderbolt, Tybee Island, Vernonburg and Garden City.


It is the “island county” with the islands of Little Tybee, Wassaw, Little Warsaw and the Tybee Island. It is located right between the Savannah River and the Ogeechee River, which enriches the county with beautiful views and nature.
Being familiar with the fascinating history of Georgia is important. This southern state was initially meant to be slave-free, but instead, it became a mecca for importing of slaves after 1750. Savannah, which is today the largest and economically central city of the county, was a hub of cotton and other types of trading.




Nowadays, Chatham County is a significant industrial, transportation and logistical focus point. A proof of a steady economic growth is the fact that major companies such as International Paper and Kerr-McGree have offices in the county. The Savannah River ports handle ships from around the globe and contribute to the development of the county.

When it comes to tourism, Chatham County does not disappoint either. It offers a perfect blend of grandiosity and simplicity combining the wonders of Savannah with the surrounding cities. Therefore, tourism emerged into a major industry concerning Savannah- Chatham area. During summer, visitors love going to the Tybee Island for refreshing of the beaches, but Savannah is still the most popular place to be in the Chatham County.


Savannah, Georgia’s oldest city, has a myriad of compelling attractions and activities for the entire family to enjoy. If you find yourself in this Southern jewel, make sure to visit these:


If you are history lover, even if you are not, you must take a stroll along the Bull Street. It offers the best view of Savannah’s most prominent historical sites. Take photos of the fabulous City Hall, Christ Episcopal Church, and several breathtaking squares. The route is filled with coffee shops and small bistros for a memorable experience.


The largest and most interactive park in Savannah, Forsyth Park, was built in the mid of the 19th century. It features a massive cast-iron fountain and is perfect for a casual, relaxing walk. The park is surrounded by several old buildings which are also worth checking out.


A beautiful cathedral built in 1870 was rebuilt many times but obtained its majestic look. It is famous for its Renaissance murals and a massive pipe organ counting 2,308 pipes. Art is incorporated all through the cathedral so that art lovers will enjoy this site.


Savanah is famous for its squares – many of them. They are the most beautiful asset of this city with huge trees providing natural shade, statues, pathways and compelling fountains. They are an excellent way to enjoy the best of Savannah through the casual walk.


Don’t stop in Savannah! Explore the Chatham County and take the best out of it. There are countless ways to explore the county, so instead of booking your flight to San Francisco or New York City, give the Chatham County a chance. We promise you a great adventure and unforgettable experience in this old Georgia county! If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact South Shore Roofing, a local roofing company in Savannah, Georgia.

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