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South Shore Roofing for 7 years has been trusted for its best-in-market quality exterior-remodeling work and its commitment to bringing a better standard to work each day. Our goal is to create an incredible customer experience and final product with our tight-knit, positive, authentic, and driven work culture. With over 400+ 5 Star Google reviews – our customers continually show us their full support for what we do here.


  • Rookies will earn $65,000+
  • Standard will earn $95,000+
  • Performers will earn $130,000+
  • Experts will earn $170,000+



  • Qualified Company Leads will be scheduled daily on your calendar — you will have a full schedule each week here to bring in income fast and consistently. 
  • Company Truck with Full Graphics, Wash Detail Membership, Gas Card, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Strong marketing and a 5-star web presence to support you. Over 350+ 5/5 star reviews online.
  • W2 Employee Status Paid Direct Deposit Every Week
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Bonuses Based on Performance with No Income Cap
  • 401K / Zero Fees.
  • Monthly Social Company Events.



  • You have a burning desire to succeed and hate losing more than anything. 
  • You have a need to move up and grow fast.
  • You have a strong identity and only want to be around and learn from the best.
  • You care deeply and are intensely curious about people.
  • You are a communicator, entertaining, and fast on your feet in conversation.
  • You are relentless and crave challenges.
  • Do not apply unless you are absolutely sure you have what it takes and can prove it.



  • We hire carefully to create the greatest culture we can with only real, genuine personalities that want to improve, succeed, and win in this world more than anything — while inspiring and contributing to everyone around us along the way. 
  • We are starting offices in Florida and Texas soon and we need leaders to learn here and move up into director roles there next.
  • Our top-performing sales director will train you, and will continue to train you to become better and better in live-action. Role plays, customer calls, appointment visits, class-time, ride-alongs – all of it. He is extremely determined and must see you succeed.
  • Our people here are competent dreamers who are on-top of their game and always working to be a step ahead to drive the mission forward. 
  • Our Values: 
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  • You will meet with homeowners face-to-face who need work done on their homes, inspect their roof and home for needs and problems, provide the best solutions, then either finance, use their insurance company, or take credit/cash/check to pay for it on the spot – same-day decision style.
  • The challenge is each homeowner will have or want multiple estimates from other companies, and you will be competing against these other companies who may have much lower prices. We overcome this through our value and our key differences shown in an interactive sales presentation. 
  • Once sold, you’ll then process the job for approval with our cloud software at the house on a company iPad.
  • You will mentor and train others here as well, this improves your development and mastery, which is important to us. 
  • You’ll have an expert sales director who will lead you with empathy and encouragement.
  • You will attend weekly sales motivational and development meetings for coaching and improvement of all areas of your life. We push each other and keep the pressure on to stay accountable to ourselves, our families, our careers, our health, and our mind.

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