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South Shore Roofing for 7 years has been trusted for its best-in-market quality exterior-remodeling work and its commitment to bringing a better standard to work each day. Our goal is to create an incredible customer experience and final product with our tight-knit, positive, authentic, and driven work culture. With over 400+ 5 Star Google reviews – our customers continually show us their full support for what we do here.




  • $40,000 – $45,000+ Salary 
  • W2 Weekly Pay via Direct Deposit



9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



  • Your career here will have many growth opportunities including Operations Department management, Production Logistical management, or transferring to other departments like recruiting, sales, or marketing.
  • Gaming Speed Desktop Tower and 2 Monitors, Wireless Headset, with a windowed office to work in!
  • Company Gas Card / Credit Card / Truck for Any Errand Running as Needed
  • 401K with Zero-Fees
  • Monthly Social Company Events



  • You will be on an energizing team of smart, genuine, trusted individuals working inside an office together to make the magic of a business happen
  • Your responsibilities will be clear, organized, and structured into simple-to-follow processes so you will know exactly what you are expected to do, without any grey areas. 
  • Your hands will be on multiple parts of our operations from invoicing, customer service, inventory, payroll processing, organization, Excel spreadsheet processes, process & instructions creation, writing detailed emails with perfect grammar, internet research, social media posting, to sending out hand-written thank-you cards to our customers.
  • You will attend weekly operations motivational and development meetings for coaching and improvement of all areas of your life. We help each other here stay accountable to ourselves, our families, our careers, and our health!



  • We hire carefully to create the greatest culture we can with only real, genuine personalities that want to improve, succeed, and win in this world more than anything — while inspiring and contributing to everyone around us along the way. 
  • We are starting offices in Florida and Texas next and we need leaders to learn here in Savannah – then move up into director roles there later.
  • We are process-driven and dedicated to improvement of all organizational functions on an ongoing basis.
  • Our people here are competent dreamers who are on-top of their game and always working to be a step ahead to drive the mission forward. 
  • Our Values: https://www.southshoreroof.com/our-values/ 
  • Our Reviews: https://goo.gl/vfGUxF  and  https://goo.gl/4prMsf  



  • You believe in and live by our Company Values (found on our Website).
  • You want to do your best to help change your world in positive ways.
  • You are known to be super motivated and focused at the work you do
  • You have a real attention-to-detail — and rarely make mistakes at work. Visual acuity is extremely high!
  • You are a fast typer, known to help people out with their phone and computer problems, and are great at researching and finding things online. 
  • Your job background has usually been in a high-speed work culture – juggling different priorities all day with a real sense of urgency.
  • You stay super focused once you get in the zone at work and you naturally put away your distractions
  • You truly do get along with everyone and people really like having you around 
  • You stay super focused once you get in the zone at work and you naturally put away your distractions

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