About Reidsville GA

The City of Reidsville is located in Rockingham County, North Carolina, United States. It has a population of 15, 000 residents. Reidsville dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when it was used as a stop and an outpost for a stage line that ran all the way from Danville in Virginia to Salisbury in North Carolina. At that time Reidsville was known as Wright’s Crossroads. There were a single inn and home which was owned by a Rueben Reid and his family. Rueben Reid was a business person and a local farmer. He moved his son David Settle Reid and his wife Elizabeth Williams Settle to a farm-witch sprawled across the 700 acres between Little Troublesome Creek and Wolf Island in 1814. Rueben became a successful business person and a farmer. He owned and operated a public inn and a store in his home. In addition to all that, he served as a constable and justice of the peace. When a family secured a post office, Rueben’s son David was appointed as a first postmaster. David was later elected as a State Senator, a United States Congressman and a Governor of North Carolina. Wright’s Crossroads has developed into a farming community with a focus on cigarette manufacturing and tobacco production. In 1873, the North Carolina State Legislature officially incorporated Reidsville which then became a vital site of the American Tobacco Company. American Tobacco Company employed a vast number of county and city residents on tobacco farms and facilities. When American Tobacco was sold in 1994, leaders of the city have decided to try and diversify the economy of a town so that it can live up to its motto ”Focused on a better tomorrow.” There were also numerous textile mills located in the Reidsville such as Burlington Industries and Cone Mills but most of them are now closed and have ceased to operate. Even though recession hit Reidsville pretty hard in the last couple of years, the town is now enjoying in renewal growth. With a history as rich as that, there are numerous historical places sprawled throughout the Reidsville which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these locations are First Baptist Church, Chinqua-Penn Plantation, Richardson Houses Historic District, Reidsville Historic District, Penn House, North Washington Avenue Worker’s House, Rueben Wallace McCollum House, Jennings-Baker House, Reidsville High School and Gov. David S. Reid House. Just like every other town throughout the United States during the 1970s, Reidsville witnessed a big decline in business ventures and opportunities because various shopping centers and malls were opening.

Reidsville was once a driving economic force of the United States and slowly but steadily it is restoring that ”past” glory. With that in mind, we are extremely proud to be a part of a community like this one, and it is our honor that we can offer our roofing services to all residents. Caring for your roof is caring for your property, and that is why we are here for you.

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