History of Savannah

History of Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city in the US State of Georgia. It is the largest city and the county headquarters of the State’s Chatham County.

Roots of the city

The city traces its roots to February 1733 when General James Oglethorpe, a British philanthropist and Member of Parliament, arrived in ship “Anne” with 120 passengers along the Savannah River. Oglethorpe named the 13th and final American colony “Georgia” after England’s King George II and Savannah became its first colonial and state capital.
General Oglethorpe and his team met a group of Native Americans, the Yamacraws- the first known people to settle in and around Savannah- under the leadership of Chief Tomochichi and his wife, Senauki.
The General and the Chief became great friends, and this led Savannah to flourish and escaped the vagaries of warfare that afflicted other colonies.

Planning of Savannah

Savannah’s physical layout is a result of Oglethorpe’s Plan of a six interconnected wards built around central squares.
It had trust lots on the east and west sides of the squares for public buildings and churches, and tithing lots for the colonists’ private homes on the north and south sites.
 The wards were 675 feet on each side, excluding the surrounding streets. This is why it is known as “America’s First Planned City.”
After Oglethorpe’s return to England in 1743, the city continued to follow the general pattern established by his Plan until the 1850s.
This was when the new authorities adopted a more conventional grid.

Savannah and Revolutionary War

The city witnessed the intense war in 1778 when colonial insurgents captured it before the British re-took it. Then in October 1779, American Patriots, assisted by their French allies, tried to recapture Savannah.  They, however, lost the war after only four days of pummeling.
Savannah and the Civil War
Georgia was the fifth state to secede from the United States in January 1861. A convention held at Savannah ratified a new Confederate States of America constitution in March. The resistance was defeated and, on December 21, 1864, the Federal troops marched unopposed into the City of Savannah.

Growth of Savannah

The city, driven by the cotton industry, which saw the Savannah Cotton Exchange set up in 1876, heavy industry, manufacturing, and tourism, continued to grow over the subsequent years.
It was, however, not a so popular tourist

destination in the 1970s and marginally grew in the 1980s. It got a shot in the arm in the form of a best-selling 1994 book and 1997 motion picture Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, both set in Savannah. We at South Shore Roofing, top rated roofers in Savannah, are extremely happy to be part of this community and all of its residents.

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