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When it’s time to buy a new roof, there are a lot of things that a homeowner should consider. It is a complex process and there is a lot that goes into the final decision.

Apart from the quality and functionality, the color of your roof is a very important factor for many reasons. You don’t want your roof to stand out from the rest of your home or even from the rest of your neighborhood.

The roof’s color and style also play a big role in your curb appeal and choosing an aesthetically unattractive one can significantly decrease you curb appeal and with it, its resale value.

Therefore, as picking the right color can actually be quite challenging at times, we have put together this practical guide for you.

Read on and find out what are some of the most important things to consider and aspects to look out for when deciding on the perfect color for your new roof shingles.

Pair the Colors

Some of us don’t have a natural knack for mixing and matching colors and don’t really see why it is important. However, when it comes to such a big part of your home, a very accentuated aspect and probably the first thing you notice, then pairing colors should come as a priority.

If you don’t know which color will suit the rest of your home’s exterior best, you can always consult with an expert, such as an experienced roofer. They will probably have some great advice for you.

The important thing is to take notice of the color of your home’s exterior, such as the siding, bricks, the windows and doors, and other design features that stand out and are noticeable. You don’t want to have too many colors on your home.

You can choose a shingle color that will complement the rest of the colors and not stand out too much, such as the more traditional black, brown, and gray. Also, if your siding is already brown or cream color, then your shingles should have an element of brown in them. That is the basic principle.

On the other hand, if you want your roof shingles to create a contrast to the rest of your home, then you can choose lighter shingle colors, such as tan, or even reddish-orange shades if the rest of your home is darker and it will complement your home very nicely. The important thing is to not exaggerate with anything. A slightly different shade or color can make a big difference.

Consider these combinations: yellow and red brick houses will go very well with black and gray shingles, whereas natural earth-toned sidings match great with tan and brown shingles.

Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

The color of your home’s exterior is not the only thing you should take into consideration. There is also the architectural style. For those who like design and interior and exterior decoration, picking a shingle color will probably be an interesting and fun process.

For those who don’t really like it or who don’t have an eye for it, our advice is to, again, consult with a professional and leave the decision process to someone else. Although it may not seem like an important decision, it is actually. You are going to have this new roof for a long time to come, maybe even for the rest of your life, and you don’t want it to be an eye-sore and regret your decision.

When thinking about what matches your architectural style best, you can look up some houses that are a similar style to yours. You can look around your neighborhood, as sometimes the houses are all built the same, or you can look online.

For example, if your home is Spanish-style, an orange-reddish color of shingles will match it very nicely. If you have a Victorian or a Colonial-style house, the more traditional shades will complement it best, so you can go with shades of black and gray. If your home is a ranch house, on the other hand, it might look very good with a combination of colors.

Consider Your Neighborhood

As it was mentioned briefly in the previous section, you can go around your neighborhood to check out how your neighbors solved the shingle color issue. But apart from that, it is also important to check their houses so that you can match them.

You don’t want you home to stand out too much, i.e. to be the eye-sore of the neighborhood. You don’t have to match their exact colors, but you can simply make sure you complement the rest of the neighborhood and that you don’t clash with them.

You don’t even have to check out the entire neighborhood or street, but your first criterion can and probably should be your first neighbor(s). Make sure that your roof shingle color matches well with theirs, as well as with the general surroundings and the landscape around you.

Some neighborhoods, on the other hand, have a set of norms that you are required to follow. If there is a local homeowners’ association in your neighborhood, then they might have a set of rules on the home and roof colors. Therefore, make sure to get familiar with them and choose your color accordingly.

Consider the Climate

You should also consider what kind of weather you have in your area. Is your climate a warm one, with a prevalence of high temperatures? Or do you get mostly low temperatures with precipitation?

These aspects are important as they can significantly influence your choice. If you pick the right shingle color for your climate, you may cut down on your energy usage and expenses. The right color can affect your indoor temperature by as much as 20 to 40 degrees.

The principle is fairly simple. If you live in warmer climates with a lot of sunny days, you should think about choosing a lighter color for your shingles. It will help reflect the sunlight and therefore lower your attic temperature and with it, the temperature in the entire home.

If your climate is a colder one, on the other hand, a darker color of roof shingles will help you maintain a warmer indoor temperature by absorbing more heat from the sun. Your home will heat up more easily and your heating needs and bills will decrease. Additionally, snow and ice will melt more easily on a darker roof.


Every homeowner has their own taste and style, as well as their own specific needs and wishes and these tips and advice are here to guide you in the right direction and make your decision process easier.

They are some of the most important general considerations when it comes to new roof colors and that should be your starting point in the decision-making process.

For any other tips and additional questions, as well as for the best roof replacement services, don’t hesitate to contact your local roof replacement company. They will guide you from start to finish and make sure you have a beautiful and high-quality new roof.

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