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Women Choosing Roofing Careers

According to South Shore Roofing, the top roofing contractor in Savannah, GA, more women are working engineering and physical jobs now than ever before, and roofing is no exception. Breaking into this male dominated industry is no easy task and takes a lot of mental and physical strength. Here are some of the examples of women doing amazing work in the roofing industry.


The solar industry has seen the biggest number of women enter it. With 18.74% of employees being women, it stands almost double the national average of only 9.3% women in the construction industry. Women currently make the largest minority in the solar industry and organizations like Women in Solar Energy (WISE) are fighting to close the gender gap by networking, funding, and raising awareness of the issue. Education and recruitment opportunities are critical to increasing the amount female engineers in the solar roofing industry.


National Women in Roofing is an another example of an organization that promotes women in roofing trough social media networking and other types of education. With the rising number of memberships and higher support and sponsorships for the women in the roofing industry NWIR hopes to see this trend increase even more in the years to come. The biggest problem we currently face in the roofing industry is the fact that most women at the young age aren’t even aware of the possibility of them becoming a contractor. There just isn’t enough awareness being raised, and most girls are pushed into other socially acceptable careers. If we manage to break the stigma of women in roofing, we might be able to increase the number of female contractors simply by giving them more options and increasing the incentives for them to join. Offering free training programs and encouraging roofing companies to hire more female roofers might bring us closer to our goal of equality.

Roofing is considered a highly dangerous job, and for that reason, it is a cause of a lot of stress. But with that taken into account, it’s still one of the top growing contracting industries in the United States, and that attracts a large number of women contractors. Since roofing isn’t as physically demanding as some of the other contracting jobs, we see more and more women choosing to roof as their profession of choice.

Most women in the roofing industry work jobs like sales and marketing, and it seems like the roofing industry caught on to the fact that men don’t like to say no to women. But the ones that do decide to work as roofing contractors don’t show much difference to their male counterparts. Most do their jobs with ease and find little to no trouble keeping up. Having gender diversity in an industry like this can help inspire much more women at a young age to follow their goals and achieve much more.

We at South Shore Roofing, a roofer company in Savannah, GA, will be glad to service your roof and support this trend.

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