Why you should inspect your roof

Roof Inspection is important

Every year, people go through all sorts of yearly check-ups. Why? Well, it’s rather obvious. You want to prevent anything you can prevent. Not only humans go through this annual ritual. Think about it, when registering a vehicle, you have to go through a thorough check-up and you remember to do it every year.


Why not make a habit of doing the same with your roof? It does shield the area you spend most of your time in. Being exposed to the caprices of Mother Nature every day for many years can take its toll even on the premium roof if it’s not being taken care of regularly. Even warranties state that a warranty is nullified in case the roof hasn’t been properly maintained. Why go through all that trouble and significantly shorten the life span of your roof? Actually, studies have shown that negligence in that area can cut the service life of your roof in half.


First of all, no, you don’t need to climb that roof. Not only is it optional, it is actually recommended to stay off the roof. Now the reasons may include safety most of all, but in these conditions, it can seriously damage your shingles.

Observe from the ground, take a walk around the house and take a notebook to write down all of the potential problems.

First of all, look for cracked spots on flashing. A small crack may be nothing and sometimes you can ignore it or put it away for some later time, but don’t overlook the bigger cracks and rusty spots. Take a good look at your shingles by using a binocular, or maybe climbing a few steps up the ladder. Look for missing or broken shingles. If you do encounter such problems, take care of them immediately in order to prevent future damage. In addition to that, search for masses of moss. Although not an urgent problem if the mass is small, later on, big piles of lichen can cause some serious long-term damage.


As stated before, missing shingles should be taken care of immediately. Now, you either have the option of doing a bit odd DIY, perhaps even making a family event out of it, or if you’re uncertain of your ability, you could always hire professionals to do the task for you. If the former resonates with your soul, the normal prices for a bundle of shingles are approximately $24, while the caulk costs around $6.

Even though the repairs might seem small, in case you decide to hire a professional, choose your favorite Savannah, GA roofing company South Shore Roofing.


This is a problem that may not be as visible to the eye of an amateur as it would be to a professional. Since leaking can happen anytime, here are some tips as to what to search for when checking the overall state of your roof. Dark spots on the ceiling are a dead giveaway, signifying that part is moist. Peeling paint on the underside of the roof and damp spots following the edges of a fireplace are a direct confirmation that your roof is leaking. Luckily, most professional assessments are free, so don’t hesitate to call an expert.


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