How to fix a roof leak by yourself We can honestly tell you that there are few things that homeowners hate more than a leaky roof. After so many years working in the roofing industry, we have come to the realization that a roof leak is the most despised and problematic damage that appears on the client's roofing system. Thousands of dollars are … [Read more...]

Picking the right roofing material

Choosing the right material before replacing your roof may be stressful and exhausting, but once you deal with it, you can be certain that you won't have to worry about it again for years (and even decades). If you choose the right material for your climate area, your roofing system can last you up to 50 years. But, you need to research different … [Read more...]

Time to call a roofing contractor

There is nothing worse than realizing that something isn't just right. Especially if you don't know the source of all your troubles. You've looked everywhere, but you still couldn't find the reason for that stain on your ceiling. It might be the right time to call a roofing contractor. Is now the right time to call a roofing contractor? If you've … [Read more...]

How to detect a roof leak

There is nothing worse than seeing a water stain on a freshly painted ceiling. The first thing you should do is to find a bucket that will collect the water and prevent any additional flooring damages. Second and the most important thing is to realize that the stain signalizes that your roof has a leakage. Detecting a roof leak might be quite … [Read more...]

Removing debris from your roof

One of the first thing that everyone notices while looking at a house is definitely the roof. In order to improve your house's appearance, the roof needs to be clean and well-maintained. To prevent the roof from any unnecessary repairing, we're bringing you a few tips on removing debris from your roof, which can significantly extend the life-cycle … [Read more...]

How to effectively remove rooftop moss

Dealing with roof moss One of the most common problems when it comes to the maintenance of your roof is dealing with moss. A well-known plant species that thrives in shady climates and humid environments. Although many different species exist, one thing they have in common is having no flowers or seeds.Following are a few tips on how to … [Read more...]

You need to clean your gutter

How To Properly Clean your Gutter Since one of the functions of your roof is to drain water and to prevent the possible build-up that would eventually pile and create a leakage, a proper roof absolutely needs to have a reliable gutter. Just like your hand needs your fingers to properly complete its function.Mainly speaking, a gutter is long … [Read more...]

Types of Residential roofing

What do you need to know about Residential Roofing When it comes to building a house, solid foundations can make up for some later mistakes. When it comes to roofing, although to an amateur it might seem simple, choosing the correct type can be a difficult task. To help you with the choice, further down we provide information about all the … [Read more...]

Why you should inspect your roof

Roof Inspection is important Every year, people go through all sorts of yearly check-ups. Why? Well, it's rather obvious. You want to prevent anything you can prevent. Not only humans go through this annual ritual. Think about it, when registering a vehicle, you have to go through a thorough check-up and you remember to do it every year. THE … [Read more...]

How to Hire a Right Roofing Contractor in Statesboro, Georgia

Things you need to know in order to hire a great roofing companyIf it is time for you to get your roof fixed or replaced, you have to call in the right people to get the job done for you. This is a task that can only rely upon the hands of the professionals so you need to see to it that you find the right roofers that can offer the best … [Read more...]

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