About Statesboro GA

Statesboro is a county seat of Bulloch County in Georgia and the largest city in the county. It is situated in Southeast Georgia, and it is known as a college town because it is a home to Georgia Southern University. Bulloch County belongs to Statesboro Metropolitan area which has a population of almost 75, 000 residents. Statesboro itself is a home to more than 30, 000 residents.

It all began back in 1801 when George Sibbald of Augusta decided to donate a 9, 300 acres which will be used to build a town that would act as a county seat and it started out as a small community built by traders. In 1803 the city of Statesborough was created by the Georgia legislature and it changed the spelling name of a city to Statesboro. The location was perfect for starting a trading town since there were cotton plantations in the area and all of them required essentials. That was the primary economic force which began before and carried on well after the end of American Civil War. In 1906 federal legislation has developed First District Agricultural and Mechanical school to support education. 15 years later the school has shifted its focus on teacher training, and it changed its name to the Georgia Normal School around 1925. Today that school is known as a Georgia Southern University. Today, driving forces in Statesboro are manufacturing, education, and agriculture. The city has a role of economic hub of a region, and its annual retail sales bring in more than 1 billion dollars. The largest employer in the city is Georgia Southern University, almost 7, 000 jobs are connected indirectly and directly to the campus. As we have already said, agriculture is one of the driving forces in Statesboro and is responsible for more than 100 million dollars revenue every year. There are also a couple of manufacturing facilities located in Statesboro. Statesboro Briggs & Stratton is one of them, and it is one of the largest employers in the area with almost 1, 000 employees. Statesboro is also a home to the biggest privately owned manufacturer of roofing material, GAF. The city has a vibrant cultural scene which consists of art, music and intellectual environment. Here you can find numerous live music venues, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores. It is not that strange that Statesboro has a rich culture since the town is a home to thousands of students. Diversity is only helping to our city. Here you can enjoy in various cultural events and options such as the Georgia Southern Planetarium, the Georgia Southern Symphony, Botanical Gardens at Bland Cottage and Georgia Southern Museum. If you are more of an outdoor person, you will be glad to hear that there is a Mill Creek Reginal Park which is a vast outdoor recreational amenity. There you can enjoy in a water park or workout on the athletic fields.

Statesboro is a town with rich past and a bright future, and that is why we are so proud to be a part of a community like this one. We are here to protect you, your property and your roof.

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