Wind Damage

Finding roofing contractors to deal with wind damage in Savannah that has struck your home

We specialize in replacing worn out, old or damaged roofing.

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Unfortunately, the perfect roofing repair contractor for your wind damaged roof won't just knock on your door one day; you'll have to go find him. Because after a storm you will probably be harassed by so called storm chaser whose only goal is to acquire new clients by using scams. Therefore, to know precisely what you are going for, it's going to require some exertion and work on your part. If you don't know the job specifications, you won't have the opportunity to find the right contractor or price. Our techniques here should help you put together a rough outline and checklist for the perfect contractor that is going to be able to repair your roof in South Georgia after a strong wind damage.

Although, storm chasers use every possible technique to get you to sign the contractor, if you get a very low bid, you shouldn't automatically assume that the service provider will do poor quality work. Check the amount the materials will cost and analyze them against the low offer. You need to always take the cost of the labor into account. You should only ever draw up a legal contract if all of the pricing points are within your budget.

You know you can depend on your roofing contractor if he insists upon giving you a written estimate before starting work. If you require a quote immediately, many contractors will be more than happy to give it over the phone. Always make certain the roofing company has the skills and the time to repair your wind damaged roof to your specifications and budget. Any questions or concerns you have should be addressed to your satisfaction prior to signing an agreement hiring the service provider.

Prior to releasing the last payment, make sure that you are absolutely 100% content with the quality of the work. Survey the work over several days and check that you are content with it or contract some person to evaluate the work. You ought to be fulfilled before making the last installment so guarantee all the work has been effectively wrapped up. For your taxes and also other financial records, keep paper copies of all payments and never pay in cash.

Experienced and competent roofers in South Georgia are in a position to provide very accurate estimates based on a client's description of the work to be done. Once provided with a thorough description of the job, a licensed contractor should be in a position to come up with a firm estimate. Because a verbal estimate will hold little value should things go wrong, you shouldn't accept work until you have already been given a written estimate.

Provide your contractor with a tour of the job site and a full, detailed description of what you expect so that he can develop an accurate quote.

You should endeavor to communicate well with your service provider to ensure the success of your project; offer steady input and detailed expectations. You should always be prepared to resolve issues and disputes with an open mind. Clear communication is necessary in building working relationships that are successful. Document all communications you and your service provider have, whether it is email, a phone call or maybe a conversation, to save yourself from potential legal problems in the future.


Why Choose South Shore Roofing For Roofing Wind Damage?

south-shore-roof-header-logoWhen you choose to work with South Shore Roofing for your roofing replacement project you’re taking on a valued partner with a vested interest in your home or building.  Our business grows through the fantastic work we do for our clients and their friends through word-of-mouth.  We only get referrals when we do great work! So you can be sure you’re hiring a team of professionals who all share the common goal of replacing your roof the most effective and affordable way.

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your new roof replacement will come with a manufacturers full warranty along with a warranty for our workmanship depending on the project and materials chosen.

South Shore Roofing is a full service roofing company based out of Statesboro, Ga and serving most of South Georgia: Statesboro, Pembroke, Guyton, Claxton, Swainsboro, Sylvania, Brooklet, Metter, Millen, Reidsville, Vidalia, Rincon, Hinesville, Richmond Hill and Savannah. For more details check out our complete list of locations in South Georgia.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to replace the roofing system on your Statesboro, Savannah, or South Georgia area home please call 678-549-3955 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.

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