What to visit in Savannah

Where to go out in Savannah

If you are visiting, passing by or you are native to Savannah, you should know that our city has a year round schedule of festivals, most of them outdoor. You can legally walk downtown streets with beer, wine or some fancy cocktail in your hands and simply enjoy what Savannah has to offer.

You should keep in mind that Savannah is a hard drinking town, most of the year and not just St. Patrick’s Day. Visitors are often pleasantly surprised at Savannah’s high tolerance for intoxication and behavior that might follow afterward. Even the local politicians and councilmen admit it, there was a case of city councilman getting a ride from an on duty cop because he had one too many.

Bars here in Savannah close at 3 am, which means a party is never far away in downtown Savannah. Just keep in mind that smoking is banned in any bar in Savannah.

Today you can find several good hotel bars in Savannah, that offer a wide variety of drinks and snacks for everyone and just hotel guests.

When it comes to bars, one of the best downtown hangouts is The Distillery, well located in a former distillery. While the atmosphere there isn’t very romantic or intimate, it is just “one” big room with a bar and tables. But if you are looking for something more private you should for a vintage bar at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Liberty Street. And if you identify yourself as a hipster look out for an iconic American Legion Bar, located in an actual Legion post. The patrons of the Legion are more counterculture unlike the Legionaries.

Karaoke in Savannah

If you aren’t just looking for drinking but also like to dance and maybe even sing, well then we have just the right thing for you. If you like heavy metal, you should visit The Jinx, most shows don’t start before 11 pm, oh and if you are here with someone who doesn’t like metal music as much as you tell them to bring earplug since it can get pretty loud.

In case you are after karaoke, visit The McDonough, an Irish pub that offers food as well as authentic Irish beer. Also, don’t worry music isn’t just Irish, all sort of different music genres are available there for you. Bring your friend and blast till either you become a rock star or get kicked out the pub. Well, that is all, although we are just local roofers from Savannah, Georgia hopefully you like our selection and you will find something interesting for yourself in our city of Savannah.


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