Pros and Cons of Solar Roofs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Roofing

One of the advances in the roofing industry has been the invention of roofing material with a system of tapping solar energy. The solar roofing tiles or shingles are an innovation offering the homeowner both the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of solar power roofing

Solar roofing is environmentally friendly: Years of research and millions of dollars invested in the project has given rise to the innovative solar roofing tiles. The innovative solar panels generate clean power in that it does not emit global warming pollution. Solar energy is the direction in which the world is moving as part of a broad range of solutions in tackling the threat of global warming. This clean energy is, therefore, helping the world in slowing down, if not stopping altogether, global warming.

Lower power bills: Investing solar roofing material will help the homeowner to save on energy bills. Studies have shown that on average, Americans who invested in solar energy in 2011 were expected to save slightly over $20,000. Yet, the highly populated states of New York, California, and Florida were projected to save over $30,000. This pales into insignificance when compared to Hawaii, which is expected to save nearly $65,000 because of the abundant sunshine.

Energy reliability: The sun’s rising and the setting is almost constant with predictable word over. Every region of the earth knows if and when the sun will rise and the few challenges they are likely to face such as cloud cover and change of seasons. This knowledge gives residents of every region the power to invest in a solar roofing material to maximize their energy supply from the sun.

Inexhaustible energy supply: The sun is an infinite solar energy supplier. This endless energy supply offers the world hope of not only constant supply, but also energy security if well harnessed.  Backed by the easy installation costs in the long-term and procedure of solar roofing materials, the cost of energy is likely to continue dropping. This is why the US Army is investing heavily in solar energy.  

Energy independence: No one sells or monopolizes the supply of solar energy “fuel.” All one needs is investing in a solar roofing material according to individual’s purchasing power and start enjoying the supply.

Job and wealth creation: Solar energy harnessing creates employment and wealth. As a source of energy, solar energy is a job-creating powerhouse. Designing and producing solar powers has been revolutionized such that even local communities can provide simple solar roofing materials. Installing and repair is a full-time job. Earnings from using solar energy to produce goods and services create employment.

Solar roofing disadvantages

Supply affected by night and weather: Nights, cloudy and rainy days will limit the amount of energy if any, a solar roofing system can produce. This leaves the homeowner dependent on grid power suppliers. New developments have seen research being carried out aimed at coming up with ways of stories solar power generated during the day and sunny days for use during the nights or cloudy or rainy days.

It is, however, worth noting that most productive human activities follow the sun’s daily journey. This means the solar roofing material generates most solar energy during the day when there is the highest need for power to run various daily activities.

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