Looking For a Great Asphalt Shingle Choice in Statesboro GA?

Atlas Shingle Select Roofing System

Are You Looking For The Best Roofing System For Your Money?
The Atlas® Signature Select® Roofing System Is Worth a Serious Look!

There are dozens and dozens of asphalt shingle roofing products on the market and it’s a difficult endeavor for any homeowner to try and choose the right shingle for their application without a little background knowledge on the product themselves.  For most homeowners the most important part of their decision to buy or not buy a particular product is going to be based on value.

Atlas® Roof Shingles has come out with a roofing system called their “Signature Select®” roofing system.  For the homeowner looking for a roofing system that is affordable and offers an excellent value, this is a roofing system not too be ignored.  More than just a shingle choice, the Atlas® Signature Select® roofing system includes a specific starter strip (the first strip of shingles to be installed), specific underlayment, specific shingles (protected with Scotchgard™) and the hip and ridge protector (protected with Scotchgard™).  All of these components make up a fantastic looking (and performing) roofing system that when installed by a certified professional will be protected by one of the most rock-solid warranties in the business.

Atlas® Signature Select® Warranty Information

One of the most important things to note about the warranty is that you gain an additional 5 years of premium protection on your roofing system warranty than if you’d just chosen an Atlas® shingle.

  • Lifetime* Algae Protection
  • Scotchgard™ Protector
  • Lifetime** Limited Warranty
  • 15-Year Premium Protection
  • 15-Year Wind Warranty
  • 130 mph Wind Coverage

* See details for the Algae Resistance Limited Warranty coverage on the Atlas Signature Select Limited Warranty.

** The Pinnacle® Pristine Lifetime Limited Warranty proration after the 45th year or 540th month of installation will have a 10% proration factor for the lifetime of the original owner.

Official Warranty Documentation

Atlas Limited Shingle Warranty 226.56kb PDF

Atlas Signature Select System Warranty Brochure 1.26mb PDF

Atlas Multifamily Warranty Benefits Brochure 1.8mb

Atlas® Pinnacle® Pristine Shingle Color Choices

These aren’t the only shingle choices in the lineup, rather these are the shingle choices that are the most economical and provide the most value for a homeowner.  If you’d like to see additional shingle types and styles, please ask! There are other Atlas products that receive the same warranty coverage!

Important Notice:  FINAL COLOR SELECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE USING FULL SIZE SHINGLES. Colors and shadow lines on the sample board and in the photos should only be used as a guideline and not for your final color selection. Please consult your Atlas distributor for specific color and product availability.

South Shore Roofing Sells & Installs The Atlas Signature Select Roofing System Throughout Statesboro GA and The Surrounding Area

south-shore-roof-header-logoSouth Shore Roofing is a certified installer for the Atlas Signature Select roofing system and your roofing install will qualify for the full manufacturers warranty providing the entire system is installed as per the warranty documentation.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to replace the roofing system on your Statesboro, Savannah, or South Georgia area home with the Atlas Signature Select roofing system in a Pinnacle Pristine shingle then please call 678-549-3955 or fill out our contact form and someone from South Shore Roofing company at Statesboro, GA will be getting back to you shortly.

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